Houndstooth Pre Rolls

These Houndstooth pre-rolls by Tweed are the perfectly portable pick me up for anyone whose day might need it. All of their pre-rolls are artfully prepared using freshly milled flower wrapped in high-quality paper, so you don’t have to take time out of your day. They’re ready to go whenever you are!

Tweed’s very own sativa-dominant Houndstooth strain has a mid-to-high range THC potential between 13% and 21% with minimal amounts of CBD. This crowd pleaser strain is packed with all the sativa dominant characteristics that make this type of strain so sought after – expect to feel uplifted, creative, full of buzzing and happy energy, and above all stimulated.

So let these pre-rolls be your trusted companion for those times when the day gets you down – at your side for a super convenient burst of energy.





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