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Fuel is a collaboration project between WINK and Flowr that has produced sativa forward hybrid crops that are specifically grown in small yields to maintain quality with each batch. Grown and harvested from the heart of Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, the variety is a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

The pre-rolls presented are all crafted from whole bud flowers that are professionally grown and harvested and expertly curated and trimmed by Wink’s partner Flowr. The robust and enticing terpene profile which includes limonene, myrcene, and nerolidol expels distinctive tangy sour aromas with hints of fuel and natural tones of earth.


15-21 %
0-2 %


Full Body
1 hour


Don’t blink too fast, because you don’t want to miss this. WINK creates that one-of-a-kind adventure that never disappoints. They’ve curated a top-class range of products that are handled with absolute care. From pre-rolls to flower, WINK has ticked the boxes of necessities. By teaming up with some of Canada’s best cannabis producers, the team is able to source exclusive genetics to create unique strains. Their pre-roll package comes in a slick, smooth, and reusable black case for absolute discreteness. Whether you’re out and about or chilling at home, you’re in good hands with WINK.

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