Higher FrequenciesFREQ 01: Connected Botanical Vape Pen

Elevate your vibrations to the frequency of connection, with yourself, with others, and with our planet. This pen’s calming effects are inspired in the root chakra. It will make you feel grounded and elevate your vibe, allowing you to liberate from guilt and fear, relax, and connect with your higher self. 

  • Total cannabinoids: 93.19%
  • Cannabinoids present: THC, CBD, CBG, CBN
  • Botanical Oil Infusion contains Bergamot “Citrus Bergamia”; Cinnamon Bark “Cinnamon Verum”; Clove Bud “Syzgium Armaticum”; Lemon “Citrus Limon”; and Orange “Citrus Aurantium” 
  • All botanicals are extracted in their country of origin, lab-tested, track and traced to final production and FDA and USDA certified organic

Using a first of its kind combination of cannabis extracts and botanical oils, Higher Frequencies’ vape pens are designed to elevate social consciousness and promote health and well-being. Use this pen to connect your energy to Earth and to feel love, happiness, and stability for your daily activities.


Full Body
3 hours

Higher Frequencies

Higher Frequencies seeks to elevate social consciousness through products that promote health, connectedness, and enlightenment. Guided by principles of spirituality, ancient philosophies, and life’s elements, Higher Frequencies’ mission is to elevate our society’s collective vibrations so that we can all be the best possible version of ourselves. Higher Frequencies products are made using top-quality materials and premium ingredients. They are inspired by the solfeggio frequencies and the seven chakras and aim to elevate your vibrations through the beneficial effects of cannabis extracts mixed with premium botanicals.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto