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CBD Disposable Pen

CBD that requires minimal effort in consuming? This is the right pen for you! Kolab have cleverly developed a vape pen made with ethanol extracted cannabis distillate for discreet and easy use. The unit contains a rechargeable lithium battery, so carry with you wherever stress free, no rolling necessary. These vapes contain only two ingredients: cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes.
Known for its minty and earthy undertones, menthol is the most present terpene leaving a fresh mint aftertaste that’s great for masking the cannabis smell when exhaling. CBD 0.5 carries a very mild potency as the product contains only 5% THC but possesses excellent levels of CBD at a high 70%. This hybrid strain is effective in creating a lengthy and more balanced high to users providing the best of both worlds. So gain all of the non psychoactive effects of cannabis without the more euphoric effects from THC.





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