KurvanaASCND Jet Fuel

ASCND is Kurvana’s most potent and flagship line. With the highest levels of cannabinoids that bring heavy psychoactive effects that respect and enhance the strain’s taste.

  • Zero cutting agents
  • Full-spectrum extract
  • Premium device

Jet Fuel is a full-spectrum Indica-dominant extract with earthy and lemony undertones that will leave you feeling peaceful as can be.




Full Body
1 hour
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Established in 2014 and committed to offering premium cannabis blends paired with high-end devices that follow the basics of creative engineering, scientific innovation, and manufacturing excellence. Kurvana’s initial goal was to create the best full-spectrum extract technically achievable with the time’s available knowledge and technology, which they have managed to do. Offering products made from the highest quality raw flower from organically grown cannabis, Kurvana is also on a mission to respect the plant’s original composition and essence. You won’t be able to find additives of any kind in any Kurvana consumable, which also means finding a taste that’s as natural as can be. Not only is this a part of the brand’s manufacturing DNA, but their impressive testing standards ensure a lack of solvents, microbes, additives, and pesticides.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto