RedecanTrainwreck Vape Kit

The redecan Trainwreck vape kit comes with a battery, a charger, and one 0.45ml cartridge. The distillate contains a very high quality and impressive THC content hybrid liquid with a high Sativa terpene profile.

Users can expect a nice mixed range of pleasant pine, rosemary, and sage flavours thanks to the rich alpha pinene present. This is mixed with beta caryophyllene, found in black pepper, cloves and balsam. Blended with myrcene, present in mangoes, lemon grass and hops, this is a sure treat for the senses!

Vape pens offer a more easy and discreet manner in consuming cannabis, creating a less potent aroma. So just pop into your pocket and go!


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The finest cannabis is made using only the best starting materials. With clean Niagra well water, ample natural sunlight, and a pesticide-free environment, Redecan Cannabis mixes innovative techniques with tried-and-true natural methods. In the end, the Redecan greenhouse is a haven for clean, pure, and healthy cannabis plants–just as nature intended.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto