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10 Fun Facts About Gummy Bears

There's more to know about these tasty edibles than you think. Created with Bay Smokes.

Perhaps one of the most popular snacks out there, gummy bears are widely known for being a simple yet delicious treat for people of all ages. Nowadays, we can find many candies with this shape, in different sizes, flavors, colors, and sugar intakes.

The good news is that adults also have the bonus that some can contain cannabis, whether THC or CBD, and many other cannabinoids.

If you’re looking for a sleeping aid or something to set you into a euphoric high, then we recommend you look into Bay Smokes’ Delta 8 Gummies, which come in a variety of flavors and two presentations: sweet and sour. 

These Delta 8 gummy bears have a strong kick, having 25 milligrams of cannabinoids in each piece. They’re intended for single use only, so you can take half a bite and see where you go from there, but be careful not to exceed yourself.

That way they can last longer and you can enjoy the effects more time. Take them with a full stomach if you want it to go on for a while because an empty one will give you a faster high.

They’re also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Ten Fun Facts About Gummy Bears

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These yummy treats have a long history, so here are some fun facts about gummy bears:

  1. You’ve probably heard, and tasted, Haribo gummy bears. They’re actually the inventors of this shape of candy since 1922. 
  2. There’s an urban legend that they were inspired by bear shows, which were popular way back when: like a circus show, people used to tame and have wild bears do all sorts of tricks and dances for entertainment.
  3. Disney’s first major animated series was inspired by gummy bears before the idea of Mickey Mouse and the whole magnate we know today started.
  4. They are so characteristic some designers have worked with them to make accessories, bags, shoes, and even a whole dress made up entirely of these candies, like the one designed by Alexander McQueen. 
  5. Although bears became iconic to this type of candy, another European brand, Trolli, made gummy worms their trademark item. 
  6. Natural gummies are actually pretty good for your health, in moderation because of the sugar levels, but the gelatin itself is fantastic for hair growth and joints.
  7. Now gummies aren’t just a sweet snack for kids. Some adults take their vitamins and supplements in these shapes because of their pleasant taste and texture. 
  8. If maybe weed gummies aren’t your speed, there’s a popular party snack that requires these bears to be soaked overnight in vodka as a different way to take the so-called “Jello shots.” 
  9. You can buy giant gummy bears as a special treat; some of the biggest weigh up to 26 pounds.
  10. The colors aren’t fixed indicators of their flavor. Many candy makers actually swatch them with what you’d associate with each color (say, red for strawberry, yellow for pineapple) because most people won’t notice as long as they are tasty.

So there you have it! Ready to put some of Bay Smokes’ Delta 8 gummies into your trail mix?

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