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Dealzer Cash Crop 6.0 Grow Box Review: Should You Buy It?

Just as important as choosing the right herbs to consume, are the accessories you will use to grow them properly. The Cash Crop 6.0 is a high-tech box that will guarantee a smooth growth for your herbs.

Entirely handcrafted in the USA, from start to finish, The Cash Crop 6.0 2 Plant Grow Box takes about 8 hours to build, using the best materials out there. And by 8 hours to build, I mean the time that the manufacturers spend producing and assembling it, you will get a fully assembled grow box in a fully discrete box at your door.

Not only is the packaging box discrete, the grow box per se looks more like a wine cabinet than somewhere you are growing your next pound or two of weed to stash for the next couple of months.

Ideal for you if what you’re looking for is an excellent, healthy plant that is enough for personal use and easy for growing with zero effort. From the minute you receive it, ready to start growing until you harvest your hemp, all you have to do is find a seed to put in it and then wait!

So now that you’ve been seduced by the overview let’s go through some cool facts and details about the Cash Crop Grow Box.

What Will You Get If You Chose A Cash Crop 6.0 2 Plant Grow Box?

The Cash Crop weighs 45 pounds and is exactly 36 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and 11 inches deep. It weighs precisely with everything you need except for the seeds. It is very stealthy in that it looks like an ordinary cabinet externally. Regarding what is in it, the short answer is everything but the seeds. The long answer is this list:

  • Quasar LED Light (full spectrum lighting for veg to flower spectrums; 420nm to 460nm veg & 630 nm to 660 nm flower, equivalent to 80w HPS). LED side lighting included.
  • Light Timer.
  • Air pump, stone, and hose to oxygenate nutrients.
  • Water pump w/ hose.
  • Ona block deodorizer.
  • Pre-installed fans w/ carbon filter odor protection staggered for perfect weather control.
  • 5 Gallon reservoir with two plant lid.
  • 2″ net pots.
  • Starter plugs.
  • 3 Set pH Perfect Advanced Nutrients.
  • 5 mm pipette.
  • Clay pebbles.
  • Lockable latches.
  • Easy to follow instructions (Physical Copy Included).
  • Nutrient feeding chart

Some other benefits you will get when getting one of these grow boxes is that all of the above items have a lifetime warranty! Except for the lights – which are just covered for a year after your purchase. The box shipping is also free, and you get the great possibility of having unlimited technical support forever.

Unlike some other grow boxes we have reviewed, the Cash Crop does not come with pH-balancing substances to feed your plant with. The reason is that no pH balancing is required since the plants in it will be auto pH plants thanks to Cash Crop’s pH Perfect Technology, which constantly adjusts and calibrates for the ideal pH.

You can also purchase, separately, the Advanced Nutrient Pack, which is a pretty cool option and includes:

  • 500 ml Grow
  • 500 ml Micro
  • 500 ml Bloom

The combination of pH Perfect Grow, Micro, and Bloom is a 3-part killer (not literally) base nutrient trio, made to give your crops the exact nutrient ratios and concentrations they need. They achieve this by working with an unmatched array of amino acids, also highly demonstrated in their results from the fulvic acid and powerful non-ionic surfactant, also helping your plants absorb everything.

So How Do I Get One Of These?

The grow boxes are sent via UPS. You cannot order more than 5 Cash Crop grow boxes in order since the manufacturers are trying to satisfy the very great demand they have for these, so you will not be able to receive more than that (which is four more than what I think you need…)

The whole system they have in place is very safe and low profile. The company name or the box’s contents cannot be seen anywhere on it, and you also get a tracking number as soon as the package is delivered. It will get delivered to you about a week after that package is sent out.

How Does It Work?

What you get with your Cash Crop. Photo courtesy of Dealzer

To use a Cash Crop Grow Box, you must put in a seed, and then all that you will need to do is to set up, which only takes about 12 minutes, and then, once you start using it, change water and nutrients once a week.

The instructions are super clear, and you have free support during practically the rest of your life, but here are some brief insights:

  • Put the seeds in the box
  • The sidelights will ensure they are still fed with LightLight as they grow while the top LightLight feeds the top of the plants.
  • Change water and nutrients if necessary (only once a week)
  • That’s it! After around 8-10 weeks, you will be ready to harvest your unique and fully grown plants!

If you worry about height, the plants will most likely grow tall & bend downwards so they can grow a total of 6 feet using low-stress training.

Is The Cash Crop For Me?

Honestly, if you are looking for an indoor grow box, it is. If you live in a shared place, it is also great to have an excellent place to neatly hide your material while other people are in the same part of the house.

I believe it is also an excellent buy to have a grow box because it works all year; you can even start a business if you want to get your invested money back sooner.

The Cash Crop Grow Box also uses a hydroponic watering system, which I and many others are eager to learn more about and interact with, so this is a perfect chance to do so. According to some talented people – it does not make things more complicated at all.

Finally, the Cash Crop has a far more accessible price than many that are at the market, in fact, the Cash Crop 6.0 is on sale, and currently, you can get the 6.0, 2 plant Grow Box at only 795 USD, much better than many others we have reviewed here.

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