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Guides | 04.09.2022

5 Cannabis Drinks You Must Try From Keef

Crack open a cold and crisp cannabis-infused beverage from Keef, the frontrunner of refreshing, psychoactive drinks.

Recreational cannabis legalization in Colorado was inspiring, not just for other states looking to follow but for entrepreneurs and business owners who could finally branch out and incorporate the marijuana plant in new ventures.

Keef’s founder Erik Knutson knows this all too well. With a bit of help from family and friends, Knutson decided to go against the grain and create a product that promotes the simple pleasure of social drinking without the need for alcohol.

Fast forward a decade, Keef Brands has now developed into an award-winning brand with products selling throughout Knutson’s native Colorado and other regions like California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

Without further ado, here are our five favorite beverages from the leaders of cannabis drinks, Keef Brands.

Photo courtesy of Keef

Classic Soda Original Cola

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Nothing says summer like a classic cola beverage, especially one infused with cannabis for an extra social and euphoric boost. This beverage is Keef’s flagship product and was actually the very first Keef beverage ever created. Sip on history in the making with this Classic Soda Orginal Cola, delivering those familiar caffeinated cola flavors and a blissful hybrid flair of 10mg THC (available in California and Colorado).

Energy High Octane

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Keef doesn’t only produce products for recreational consumers. If you’re a medical patient looking to sip on a beverage to ease your pain, physical or mental, look to Keef’s Energy High Octane beverage. This drink comes with 100mg of THC and roughly 90mg of caffeine (similar to one cup of coffee) and is infused with rotating hybrid strains to give users a kick of energy and balance. All 100mg THC products from Keef are only available in Colorado and Oklahoma.

Classic Soda Purple Passion

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Anyone can agree that grape-flavored anything makes your mouth water. Quench your thirst and your body’s craving for psychoactive THC with Keef’s Classic Soda Purple Passion. This refreshing grape beverage comes in 10mg THC (in Colorado and California) and provides just the right amount of sweetness and familiar soda-like fizz. This beverage and all of Keef’s classic sodas are caffeine-free and infused with rotating hybrid strains for a balanced and uplifting experience.

Sparkling H2O Blood Orange

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Another beverage that’s perfect for the upcoming summer season is Keef’s Sparkling H2O Blood Orange beverage. Available in 10mg THC in Colorado and Maine, this sweet and tangy drink is perfect for health-conscious consumers looking for a hybrid-infused beverage that contains zero calories and zero sugar. The beverage was designed to boost any social setting and offer a safe, subtly psychoactive alternative to alcohol and overly sweet edibles.

Mocktail Pineapple XTREME

For the grand finale, it’s only appropriate to touch on Keef’s most potent product, its 500mg THC Mocktail Pineapple XTREME. This product is only available in Oklahoma and was designed for medical patients with higher tolerances who prefer to avoid smoking but still need a strong wave of relief. This rotating hybrid-infused mocktail can be ingested by pouring it over ice, mixing it with a non-alcoholic beverage, or taking it down like a shot.

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