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5 Hidden Hot Spots You Need To Check Out In Detroit

Catch these hidden gems around Detroit next time you're in town.

Photo by Anon / Pexels

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Standby (225 Gratiot Ave.)

Photo courtesy of Standby

This bonafide speakeasy has an overall moody and atmospheric vibe that’s enough in itself. Paired with the concealed alley doorway and delicious cocktails, Standy makes for the perfect place to hang out with friends while appreciating the unique and nostalgic vibe.

Planet Ant (2320 Caniff St.)

Photo courtesy of Planet Ant

Detroit’s longest-running improv comedy venue, Planet Ant proves that you don’t have to be in the suburbs to find a good comedy. Planet Ant’s scripted productions, comedy, and theater scenes are enhanced by the venue’s low-profile and lesser-known feel, making for an intimate experience. The venue has had the pleasure of hosting acts like Keegan-Michael Key and Larry Joe Campbell.

The African Bead Museum (6559 Grand River Ave.)

Photo courtesy of The African Bead Museum

This impressive and educational African Bead Museum will impress anyone who steps foot in the door. Detroit’s African Bead Museum is perfect for locals who want to dive deep into their culture or others who are interested in a more educational experience surrounding African culture and their intricately-made pieces.

Bell Isle Hipster Beach (2 Inselruhe Ave.)

Bell Isle Hipster Beach (2 Inselruhe Ave.)

This beach is so secret that we feel weird even talking about it. However, we encourage you to visit this isolated beach where many hipsters play their music, drink their drinks, and bask in the quiet and desolate space. The beautiful beach is 982 acres and offers a nature center and Great Lakes Museum.

Ivanhoe Cafe (5249 Joseph Campau Ave.)

Photo courtesy of Ivanhoe Cafe

For those who’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon Ivanhoe Cafe, they were able to experience its unique “Polish Yacht Club” vibe. This straight-to-the-point and warmly decorated cafe offers delicious sandwiches and seafood while staying true to traditional Polish cuisine. Its cozy interior and comfort food make it a must-see.

October 14, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
October 14, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
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