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Guides | 03.08.2022

5 Reasons Why You Need A Quality Grinder

A grinder is something every single stoner needs in their arsenal. With one of these, you can transform densely packed buds into grounded flowery goodness. Created with Flower Mill.

These are five areas that explain the reason you need a quality grinder and are criteria for you to choose which grinder you are going to go with.

When in the market for a quality mill, we are looking for a piece that will produce consistent quality, quick results, improvement in our rolls, and the ability to save kief – in other words – a Flower Mill grinder.

On top of this, a quality grinder should not stick and be easy to clean.

Save Time

Photo courtesy of Flower Mill

Good, quality, top-tier grinders will save the average Joe some time when rolling, primarily because you would have a mill with decent volume and shredding capacity.

We don’t want to pulverize our flower, but ideally, we need it to come out even and fluffy. 

You’ve probably had to break down your fair share of buds by hand, and you know how messy, tricky, and uncomfortable it is.

I am sure that by now you understand how much time you’re saving by using a grinder, which is multiplied a hundredfold if done with the Premium Edition Flower Mill.

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Better Joints

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Would you believe me if I told you that you could boost your rolling skills by getting a better grinder? If your weed is perfectly ground, you will be able to roll better-looking and better performing joints and blunts. 

Whichever is your preferred form of rolling, you are going to get more consistent and better-looking results with the ground herb from a Premium Edition Flower Mill.

Your friends will love how these grinders produce fluffy and consistent ground herb that will be super easy to roll.

More Potent Weed

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

Some of the gooey, milky substances contained in the plant’s trichomes may be damaged when breaking down herb in a bad grinder or by hand.

Take into consideration that every piece that is degraded improperly is going to be lost, and potency goes along with it. 

Save That Kief

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Quality grinders may or may not come with a kief or pollen catcher, but if your’s comes with a screen between the last two layers, you better take advantage of this.

Kief is good for extracting, infusing, and elevating your smoking to other levels, so if you can catch kief, just do it!

The Standard Edition Flower Mill with Catch may just be what you need to collect all your potent pollen and later use for whatever your heart desires.

After grinding your flower, this mill can separate and collect your kief for you to make hash or infuse your blunt.

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Quality-made mills will be easier to use, clean, and maintain. This will lead to many advantages that will make your grinding and rolling game much more advanced, but generally, I do like it when my gadgets are user-friendly and easy to maintain.

A well-maintained piece of equipment will last longer, perform more efficiently, and produce cleaner results than a device that cannot be cleaned properly.

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