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A Guide To Navigating The Delta 8 Industry

Here's how to buy safe and reliable Delta 8 products. Created with Cannabis Life.

The cannabis industry has grown a lot since the 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S., making Delta 8 widely available in many states across the country.

And although there is a massive array of products and brands to choose from, it could feel like the variety confuses the customer rather than help it decide which product to get.

This might get complicated when talking about edibles, joints, flowers, and other products. 

Even more when talking about Delta 8 itself. Some brands tend to use the lax legislation on D8 to advertise products that do not contain the ingredients they promote.

And this is important because, as a data study report from Forbes found in third-party testing, several companies had 77 percent less Delta 8 THC than promised.

The report also found discrepancies in the lab about the delta-9 reported, which in some states is still illegal and can cause paranoia or anxiety.

Some brands contained up to 22 percent of D9, while the brand claimed to have 0.28 percent instead. This could even be harmful, as D9 could have anxiety, paranoia, and unwanted side effects that D8 does not have.

The real issue here is that Delta 8 space is still highly unregulated. Plenty of shady brands will try to scam the customer in the cannabinoids and ingredients used.

Let’s talk a little more about navigating and what to watch out for when navigation the Delta 8 industry without further ado.

Products And Labeling

As with most consumable products, D8 products will have a label with information, including ingredients, recommended dose, and even advised dosage. 

This is important because you should be able to identify the Delta 8 THC quantity in each product, and in case you are vegan or have allergies, the consumer should be aware of said ingredients.

For example, if you were to buy some cannabis-infused gummies, the label should specify how many Delta 8 THC milligrams per gummy should have and the total amount of D8 in the jar or container. 

One of our favorite brands, Cannabis Life, does this with each and every one of its products. If you want to take a look and start becoming a smart cannabis customer, we recommend this type of brand that is fully clear and upfront with its labeling and what each of its products contains.

Let’s continue with the gummies example. Cannabis Life has some delicious Mango Twist Gummies

On their website, you can also find the suggested use or dosage (1 gummy per 24 hours) and a lab sheet which we will talk about in the next session.

This is an example of what you should look for when checking out edibles or any D8 product: how much Delta 8 THC does the product have, ingredients (including allergy and dietary precautions), suggested use, whether they use other cannabinoids or terpenes, and a lab sheet. 

Lab Testing

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Now, let’s talk a little more about the lab sheet.

We fully recommend only buying from brands that have lab sheets (like Cannabis Life) from their products.

As stated at the begging of the article, some brands tend to be not to be upfront about the real amount of cannabinoids in their products.

So, why is this important? By having a lab sheet in their product, the brand is being transparent about which and how many cannabinoids their actual products have. Lab sheets are mostly a report made by a third-party lab that will check their products out for evidence.

Most reports will have the cannabinoids found in the product, and you can actually check out if they have any Delta 9 or other useful information, like the actual percentage of D8. 

Maybe you are looking for a stronger product, with 22% of actual D8 THC. Or maybe you are just a beginner, and you want to go slow with lower percentages like 15-17%. 

Whether you are a beginner and want to try D8 recreationally or want to experience its therapeutic benefits, you must be aware of the content and how the brand presents these tests. 

Cannabis Life is one of our favorite brands because they always present lab sheets on each product. They are easily available on their website before actually buying any of their wide arrange of products. 

How To Decide On A Product Or Brand?

Now that we know the basics to look for, you might be asking yourself how to actually decide which product or brand to check out?

Here’s a little checklist we made so you can make the best decision while navigating through the D8 industry.

About The Website

  • Is their website sketchy? Do they have just a landing page or can you actually go through some of their products?
  • Are there any reviews on their website? When checking out the products, be sure to check for reviews or sites that write about their brand.

About The Brand Itself

  • Do they state where they get their base cannabis from? This is a real baseline for any brand, as its part of the legal status and that their products comply with the FDA quality.
  • Are they upfront about their products? Can you check the label and distinguish its elements clearly (ingredients, cannabinoids, THC content)?
  • Do they have lab sheets or reports to validate the THC and cannabinoids content?
  • Can you find the contact information? Are they clear on their customer service and product warranty? You can check most of this information in their F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions).

If some of the things on the list are not present or seem confusing about the product or brand you are checking out, I’d suggest checking in other sites.

You can always check our favorite brands here in Herb, or check one of the most transparent brands with pharmacist formulated products and third-lab testing like Cannabis Life.

Final Words

The Delta 8 industry is a giant space that allows the creation and consumption of many products.

And as a such, there any many brands out there that do not comply or try to scam their customers by not being upfront about their labeling, cannabinoid content, and other ingredients.

Remember to check out their website and label for the Delta 8 percentage, ingredients, lab sheets or reports, reviews, and recommended dose.

I hope you find this little guide useful and try becoming a smarter Delta 8 consumer with the tips and tricks we’ve found. 

We know the industry might be confusing and might seem shady at times, but by being informed and taking conscious decisions we can break stereotypes about the cannabis industry together.

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