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Anesia Seeds Review: Uniquely Potent Genetics

Watching your pot grow and develop exactly as you want it to is incredibly pleasing to any weed enthusiast that takes their stuff seriously. Especially when you're growing extremely potent genetics that don't disappoint.

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At Herb, we understand that weed is much more than just a substance that gets you high and helps you enjoy things even more. Sure, that’s also important one of the main reasons why weed is so popular.

But weed has slowly become for many an essential product.

In my personal experience, it’s essential to live a pain-free life and feel more in tune with my ‘true self’. And I’m not the only one who thinks of weed as an essential part of daily life.

It’s things like this that bond us to cannabis. It’s things like this that have made cannabis much more than just a ‘substance’ and have turned it into a hobby and passion for many.

One of the ways people interact with cannabis the most is by becoming a part of the growing process. For many reasons:

A major one is that growing cannabis yourself ensures that you are consuming the cannabis strains you want to consume. Another important aspect is the fact that it’s cheaper to grow your own than to buy weed from third-party vendors, given that you have the time to take care of your harvest.

And ultimately:

It’s just fun to take care of your own plants from seed to harvest. Watching your pot grow and develop exactly as you want it to is incredibly pleasing to any weed enthusiast that takes their stuff seriously.

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An Overview of the Anesia Seeds Brand

Anyone that has been doing anything for more than 15 years is probably an expert at whatever they do. Especially if we’re talking about something that requires as much technical knowledge as growing cannabis and raising genetics with the highest quality. 

Anesia Seeds employs professional and experienced breeders and botanists from California and Spain that take the lead in the R&D of cannabis genetics and guarantee strains with amazing genetic profiles and potent effects.

With that potency comes an extremely high THC and overall cannabinoid content with every Anesia Seeds plant breed. Which is something that the company does on purpose in order to find as many applications as possible for their genetics in the medical field.

Anesia Seeds does not have any higher purpose than that of producing genetically stable cannabis genetics that meets the needs of both hobbyists and long-time weed growers.

They place special attention to develop important characteristics such as mold resistance, high resistance to disease & pests, along with plants that are genetically predisposed to healthy growth.

Buying from Anesia is a good idea because as time passes and their knowledge in cannabis genetics continues to grow, they weed out sub-par plants and only continue to breed perfectly unique cannabis strains.

Anesia also understands the need for discretion in an industry that still battles against taboos every single day. They do not share your data and ensure that your seed orders are shipped in discreet packaging that will not alert your neighbors.

While the above describes Anesia Seeds in a nutshell it’s far from the detailed review you’re looking for, so here it is.

Customer Service

Although Anesia seems to have incredible genetics and many customers vouch for it, there also seems to be a free-flow of negative reviews in terms of customer service. Many different clients mention that Anesia is quite quick to hand over transfer information but very slow to ship and deliver the product.

In my experience, this is not uncommon because some seed banks sell seeds and clones that they don’t have yet but plan on having in a few weeks’ time. However, the commonality between different clients’ experiences is that they do not get a proper response from Anesia. Most of their customers seem to be happy once they receive the product but in the weeks leading up to delivery, many complain about the company’s ‘silence’ and lack of feedback.

Seed Quality

While customer service is considered sub-par from what we can take from online reviews, customers don’t have much to complain about product quality. In fact, customer feedback is predominantly positive when it comes to product quality.

Anesia Seeds lives up to the potent strain expectation that they promise and their genetics’ quality is praised among hobbyists and other seed banks that get their genetics from Anesia directly.

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Product Portfolio Diversity

One thing I hate is having to go to different seed vendors in order to get everything I need. This will inevitably happen when it comes to strains, it’s just impossible for one single seed bank to have all the strains you need. Particularly if you’re a serious grower that wants to try different strains and play around with them.

But Anesia does a great job of offering multiple seed categories including feminized & auto-flowering seeds, along with a diverse collection of strains that includes indicas, sativas, hybrids, and landraces.

Not to mention that you can also purchase a variety of merch with the Anesia logo if you feel so inclined to do so.

March 12, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
March 12, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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