The Best Pre-Rolls In San Diego

Take-out pre-rolls are just what you need if you’re looking to get your party started in a hurry, so if you’re in San Diego take note.

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Nothing beats a pre-roll for a classic weekend sesh, some joyful treat to pass around a friend gathering and get the vibe going. The options available in San Diego are plenty, and you can even get them delivered home, so take note if you’re in a hurry.

Of course, diving into a dispensary or online storefront you should have a wide assortment of strains and presentations to go for; from joints to blunts, coated in kief or infused, you name it.

Naturally, you will also encounter tons of brands, so we’ll try to curate some of the most attractive offers in Eaze’s delivery catalog to get your search started.

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Let’s take a look at the best pre-rolls to buy in sunny San Diego.


Photo courtesy of Circles

Circles pre-rolls have been satisfying customers since their launch due to their balance of quality, purity, and good value. They’ve got flower and vape oils on deck, but we’re here to recommend their pre-rolls. The brand works with a network of local growers to ensure there’s quality weed inside every one of their tightly rolled joints, so you can dive into the Circles’ catalog with ease.

Take your choice between regular pre-rolls and infused offerings, spiced up with a dusting of THC crystals. Their standard 1g joints retail for $8 a pop ($24 if you go for a 7-pack!) and the infused variants go for $15 per 2-pack, with each joint containing 0.5 g of premium flower. Excellent pricing all around.

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Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone is a unique indoor cannabis farm that is fueled by the cutting-edge Dutch greenhouse methodology. Their team comes from generations of growers who established cutting-edge coastal greenhouses to cultivate their own cannabis year-round. They are farm-direct, which means they only grow, cure, and hand-pick your cannabis to deliver you the highest quality flower at the best price.

They offer indica, sativa, and hybrid options in both 2 and 14-pack boxes so you’ll surely find something for you regardless if you want to shill at home or head out to the city with your friends.


LEUNE is a lifestyle cannabis brand that puts a premium on thoughtful design and unparalleled quality. They create a pre-roll experience that’s as authentic as it is fun. They are the cannabis brand that’s changing the game and pushing society forward. LEUNE products keep you and your family happy and healthy, and its role as a lifestyle brand is to inspire creativity and ingenuity.

You’ll love LEUNE’s pre-rolls. From the design and packaging, down to the flavor and effects, and everything in between, they offer unparalleled quality and attention to detail. Each product is made by a top-shelf cultivator that chose to be transparent and follows the LEUNE guidelines.


Keep it simple. That’s the Island way. With a selection of pre-rolls that are made from only the best cannabis, Island focuses on quality, not quantity. These pre-rolls are filled with the highest-quality California flower, grown by local growers from California’s best crop regions.

Island pre-rolls are an easy and affordable way to get ready for your day. It’s the perfect pick-me-up right when you need it. With Island, you never have to leave your seat or pack a bowl again.


For packaging and design, we must admit that Fumé is among our favorites. The clean branding and minimalist cardboard packaging (it’s child-resistant too!) make these a pleasant surprise at any gathering, comfortable to carry, and elegant enough to be a gift to a weed-oriented loved one.

Fumé delivers elegantly on the effects as well, with mildness in the mind and body highs that is hard to find anywhere else. Hand packed in unbleached paper, with an organic beeswax hemp wick, the whole design aids in the sampling of the varied terpene profiles of their three strains: Mango Kush, Dank Fruit, and Double Chem OG.

Pure Beauty

The folks at Pure Beauty really do know how to make a fashionable product out of pre-rolls, take a look at their photoshoots for some enticing portrayals of their beautiful joints and flowers. They also do their part looking after the environment, by using no California tap water in their grows, opting instead for 100% air-collected water.

Their lineup is fairly straightforward, opting to surprise on account of the quality, potency, and fantastic taste of their flower. You have a choice when it comes to presentation and strains though.

El Blunto

Sometimes, a simple joint just doesn’t cut it, you need something larger and meaner, something you can puff generously and pass around. For these times of need, we suggest you browse through what El Blunto has to offer: all-natural raw and infused blunts filled to the brim with some loud strains.

The big boys in the bunch are the 1.75 g Face Off OG and Runtz blunts, these come neatly rolled in tobacco-free hemp and packaged in a resealable glass-tube, they sell for $35 each. If you’re looking for some infused offerings with some extra kick, try their True Breath Hash Infused Blunts, packed with 0.85 g of flower, 10% ice-water hash, and equipped with a custom glass-filter tip for $26.

KGB Reserve

This is a Latino-owned brand out of Oakland, a project dreamt up by buds and business partners Mike and Derrick. Their 45 years of accumulated experience help ‘Killer Green Bud’ (this isn’t some sort of Cold War weed!) deliver on some delightful pre-rolled cannabis experiences.

On all their offerings, be they Torpedoes (a hefty 1.3g joint) or Bambinos (a more compact 0.5g joint) you’ll get a dose of decadent dankness that is sure to relax the body and let the mind wander. If you’re in the market for a souped-up experience, give their infused offerings a try.

October 05, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
best ofpre-rollsSan Diego
October 05, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
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