Dompen Review: The Complete Guide

Dompen's vapes offer the ultimate oil experience with beautiful devices, smooth draws, and dense clouds.

Photo courtesy of Dompen

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While other metal pens are heavy, Dompen’s are incredibly light and evenly balanced. You can feel the quality in your hand when you smoke from a Dompen.

These disposable vaporizer pens and cartridges are elegantly designed, making them great for gifts or parties. Each pen has a sleek metallic finish, making it great for showing off.

Here’s our full review.

About Dompen

Photo courtesy of Dompen

Dompen is committed to building a safe and reliable online brand that offers the most flavorful and highest quality vape products on the market. Their goal is to provide safe and adequate access to as many patients as possible.

Dompen feels cannabis should be simple to consume and understand, and that’s why there’s Dompen. Vaping provides an immediate, easy-to-dose effect, unlike conventional vape pen brands.

This brand creates the most consistent and flavorful, and easy-to-use vape products on the market.

Dompen Details

Dompens are larger than most disposables, so they don’t heat up as quickly. It doesn’t heat up unless you take lots of quick puffs, and even then, it’s not very much. Dompens are about double the length of most disposable vapes. I get thick clouds on each 3-second dose. Dompen is perfect if you want dense clouds but a smoother vape.

Many disposable pens have a 250 ml tank. Dompens have a 500 ml tank, and it lasts longer than most disposables. We like to take a couple of doses at a time, and the double-size tank is excellent for that. This pen is perfect if you want a pen that lasts an extra day or two compared to most.

Photo courtesy of Dompen

With a super-thin design, Dompen also has a super-thin mouthpiece. The thinness of the mouthpiece makes it easier for oil to build up in the Dompen. You might only notice it because some oil could peek out of the tip.

Even pens with larger, more ventilated mouthpieces get oil buildup, so it is not bad. It is worth mentioning, though.

This pen has a more solid build than most disposable pens. Dompens are larger than most other disposables, so they don’t heat up as quickly. It doesn’t heat up unless you take several puffs in a row, or even then, it’s not very hot.

Dompen Disposables

Wedding Cake Live Resin


Wedding Cake Live Resin Disposable

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These pure, premium, high-potency live resin oils are made from flash-frozen flowers to give you an exceptional strain-specific, whole-flower taste. This sleek and discreet vaporizer contains a half-gram of premium live resin and is ready to use when you are.

California Citrus

This fresh citrus strain is available in half-gram disposable and gram and half-gram carts. This premium oil is flavorful and perfect for discreet, easy use. This bright and tangy designer blend is excellent for daytime use.

Pineapple Coast

Enjoy this tropical pick-me-up with sophisticated pineapple flavor that packs sweetness and aroma into a potent designer Hybrid oil blend. The designer hybrid oil blend is balanced and available in half-gram disposable and gram and half-gram carts.

Midnight Berry

Reach for this designer indica-dominant triple-distilled oil strain at the end of the day. This strain makes for a soothing experience, perfect for bedtime, easy use, and available in half-gram disposable and half-gram and gram carts.

Dompen Ratios

Find the perfect balance. Scale your THC content with CBD-heavy pens. The future of stress relief is here. CBD can help you with muscle aches, anxiety, and more. This restorative vape pen contains a blend of terpenes and four parts CBD to one part THC.

These designer strains are perfect for any use and provide a fresh, balanced experience without the same psychoactive effects as other THC-dominant products. This versatile all-in-one vape comes pre-filled and pre-charged for acceptable and discreet use.

1:1 Mint

Reinvigorate with this sweet and stimulating CBD-rich formula, which contains equal parts CBD and THC. This refreshing all-in-one vaporizer comes pre-filled and pre-charged and has the most THC content in its ratio line.

4:1 Honey Citrus

This restorative CBD-rich vape blend contains 4 parts CBD to 1 part THC. It has the intermediary THC content of our 18:1 and 1:1 options. This versatile all-in-one vaporizer comes pre-filled and pre-charged

18:1 Chamomile

This soothing CBD-rich blend is a perfect option for those looking to ease into the effects of THC. This all-in-one vaporizer comes pre-filled and pre-charged and has the lowest THC content in its ratio line.

Domgreen Initiative

In business, you will inevitably have an impact on the environment. It varies from industry to industry and depends on the nature of your business model. The more environmental impact your business has, the more it should invest in green initiatives.

However, we are lucky to live in a time where companies, large and small, are actively motivated to mitigate their carbon footprint. The cannabis industry is full of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who aim to create sustainable business solutions. Recycling cannabis products may seem simple, but it’s not as easy as we expected.

Disposable cannabis pens like Dompens can be dropped off at participating dispensaries all over California, where they’re picked up by recycling partners and taken to recycling facilities.

From here, the pens are cleaned and separated by materials. These materials then go to various projects or processors who reuse the different materials. Every participating dispensary has a recycling bin and literature that explains the recycling program.

Final Words

Photo courtesy of Dompen

Dompen excels in the pen game with a sleek design and excellent oil quality. The pens are light and are very well balanced because they are made of metal.

Also, compared to the average dose pen, Dompen offers a larger amount of oil. This is the pen for someone who wants to be able to make some decent-sized clouds.

October 13, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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October 13, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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