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Guides | 03.07.2022

Herb’s Guide To The Best Vapes In Los Angeles

Only for the best around LA.

If you’re looking for the best vape cartridges around LA, look no further. We curated this list of the best vapes and even better, these can all get delivered right to your door.

Strong strains, potent flavors, all while being easily accessible through your phone. 

Here’s our guide to finding the best vapes in the City of Angels.

Best Vapes

Eureka Vapor

They are called Eureka because when you find them, you realize it is what you were looking for. Eureka Vapor’s Cartridges are 1000 mg of top-quality cannabis and manufacturing. They feature more than 90% of total cannabinoids and 100% certainty of you having the most memorable moment vaping weed oil in LA.

The oil in Eureka Vapor’s carts is made using the most refined cannabis extract with all-natural terpenes. When using them, you’ll experience the full aroma, effects, and flavor profiles of your favorite strains.

Circles Orange Sunrise

Get a true taste of California citrus with the tasty and energizing Orange Sunrise from Circles. This sativa sunrise is 78% THC and will give the energy you need to get through any work day ahead. Packed with natural terpenes and flavor, it’s like drinking caffeinated orange juice.

Timeless Forbidden Fruit

Take a bite out of Forbidden Fruit. This blend of Cherry Pie and Tangie tastes just like a tropical vacation in a cartridge. Enjoy a relaxed, uplifted, and euphoric effect delivered through sweet notes of mango and tropical fruit.

Everyday Sundae Driver

Enjoy the scenic route with Sundae Driver. A hybrid strain with a mellow, creamy flavor and a balanced hybrid effect that leaves you relaxed and uplifted. Just a few puffs and you’re on a bright and bubbly high that’s primed for any tasks coming your way. Enjoy 100% cannabis-derived terpenes. 

Timeless Pineapple Express

A classic, Pineapple Express, potent and flavorful sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Trainwreck and Hawaiian by Timeless. Sweet, tropical, cedar-flavors featured in this strain bring uplifting, euphoric, and energy-boosting effects, perfect for any time of the day.

Best Live Resin Vapes

Jetty Extracts Sky OG

Sky OG Unrefined Live Resin, an indica heavy hybrid with all the classic flavors we know and love. Unrefined means you will be tasting every terpene. Start out with an energizing high and mellow out into a chill session. With 78% THC, this cryo-extracted beauty has all the flavors and potencies of the plant.

Raw Garden Chem Kush

Raw Garden’s Chem Kush refined live resin cartridge has a pungent, earthy smell that meets a deliciously spicy, herbal taste profile. It’s perfect for that blissful, relaxed euphoric feeling you’re looking for. Starting out with a mellow, uplifted high and leaves you in a peaceful state of mind.

Foxy Pope's Pie

The Pope’s Pie, alternatively called the Devil’s Pie, is a hybrid strain combining Sunset Sherbert and Biscotti. The terpene-rich profile makes this one super potent, offering a focused head high and a euphoric-yet-cozy body high. Foxy’s cartridge is made with a unique blend of high potency oil, live resin, and cured resin. 

Best 510 Cartridge Vapes

Circles Melonade

Perk up with Melonade, a melony sweetness and energizing strain. This designer blend of sweet and berry terpenes provides an uplifting and mental high that will get you going whether it’s early morning or late night.

Everyday Royal Cookies

Each Everyday vape is crafted using 100% cannabis-derived terpenes, no fillers, and no botanical terps. This is cannabis for everyday consumption. Royal Cookies is an indica strain with California roots, a potent flavor, and calming effects. 

Jetty Extracts Fire OG

Keeping up with the Kush’s, Fire OG, is a classic member of the Kush family. This strain’s slightly spicy indica side kicks off with an uplifting, euphoric vibe before moving you into heavy relaxation mode. Premium cartridge with Jetty signature wood tip.

Best Disposable Vapes

dosist bliss

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bliss, a 9:1 THC to CBD pen created for the perfect high. Checking in at about 69% THC and 8% CBD, this little bit of bliss was designed t help you feel the natural high you’ve been looking for. 

LEUNE Desert Gold

Tropical flavors meet luscious notes of peachy in the Desert Gold all-in-one from LEUNE. Ease your tension with this Sativa leaning hybrid that’s sure to bring you a body high that transcends you where you want to be. Another no battery required and ready to use right out of the box.

Dompen Pineapple Coast

Dompen’s Pineapple Coast is a tropical pick-me-up with a sophisticated pineapple flavor that packs the perfect amount of sweet flavor and aroma. The designer hybrid oil blend makes for a balanced experience and is great for any time of day or night.

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