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How To Vape With Concentrates For The Best High

Vaping lets us advance the wonderful effects of cannabis, recreationally and medicinally. Now concentrates have taken a big leap forward with the Firefly2.

The enjoyment of cannabis over the last decade has grown from simple flowers, through to edibles, drinks, vaporizers, and concentrates. With the introduction of concentrates, your cannabis experience transforms from messy, burning material into clean and easy-to-use devices that deliver powerful highs. So how do you go about getting the best high with them?

Why concentrates might be for you

concentrates How To Vape With Concentrates For The Best High
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Removing excess plant material from the equation leaves you with a pure experience. All the flavors come bursting forth, or can be subdued for pure cannabinoid enjoyment.

For discretion and efficiency, concentrates are the only way to go. They give you more THC in each puff, so you don’t have to keep it out as long. Quicker vaping sessions mean less attention, and that’s what you want for staying under the radar. Fewer puffs also mean less refilling, so you get more play with less work.

The power of concentrates for your health

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With concentrates, whether in the form of wax, shatter, budder, oil, or liquids, you get it all. Concentrates let you customize the terpene profile of your herb because you can buy the ratios you want.

Concentrates also taste different from flower. Some makers remove the terpenes to keep the tell-tale smell down. Others selectively save certain smells to tailor the entourage effect.

But this customization of effect isn’t limited to terpenes. The cannabinoids experience itself gets an upgrade with using concentrates. Promising research shows that minor cannabinoids can play major roles themselves.

As such, the process of concentration allows users to experience much stronger ratios of CBN, THCV, CBD, CBG and other less abundant compounds.

How to get the best high with them

If you want to really make the most of your concentrated cannabis experience, you need to vaporize. Temperature control combined with even heating lets your herb’s essences increase their efficiency. You get every speck of goodness from each puff.

Temperature control also lets you select which terpenes come out to play. For a racier high, keep the temp lower. For a real couch-lock, crank it up a bit to get those terpenes that relax. Vaping gives you better control over your medicine because it takes effect in seconds, rather than hours like edibles. Taper your dosage with precision by vaping.

Getting it all together

For the best high, any time of day or for any occasion, you need a vape that can keep up. Whether you stick to flower or have fallen for concentrates, you can do it all with the Firefly2.

Easy temperature control without overheating keeps you from burning off your oils. The easy to use dab pads let you switch from dry herb to concentrate in seconds.

The Firefly2 can keep up no matter what you throw at it. Even better, its light and discreet profile let you take with you anywhere.

The Firefly2

Whether you want a flavorful fun time or a discreet dosing option, the Firefly2 makes it clean, easy, and customized for a perfect experience, with any material.

With their app, you set the temps where you need them, be it for dry herb or concentrates.

The dab pads for concentrates ensure that you get the most out of every vaped dab. It saves time, too, with only a 3-second heat up. No more waiting for minutes for your clouds.

For more information on the Firefly2, check out their website and their Facebook page.

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