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First Bong Buyer? Read Our 6 Simple Rules To Getting It Right

This handy walk-through guide should help even new to the scene smokers buy their first bong, and find a match made in Heaven.

Are you considering buying your first bong? When it comes to any important purchase, knowledge is power, and for a smoking device that will bring many years of pleasure, you want to be a little picky. This handy walk-through should help even new to the scene smokers make the best of their purchasing power, and find a match made in Heaven.

1. Environment

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Just because the car is awesome, doesn’t necessarily mean it is awesome for you. The same goes for bongs. Where will you use it? At home, or will it travel with you? Is it going to have a dedicated space or need to be tucked away? Will you have to empty and store it frequently?

Size, portability, durability, and concealment are all factors that should be your first priority when deciding what to look at. There is no reason to look at a ten-foot behemoth if you live with roommates that will have to conceal it from.

Decide where it is going to live, before you even go shopping. If you will have a dedicated and open environment for it, a showpiece is great. If it needs to be discreet, there is no reason to shell out for an elaborate monster that will be a pain to hide every time.

2. Care

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Will it be carefully tended or are you a little rough on things? Do you want simplicity, or are you prepared to clean and maintain a multi-part delicate instrument of smoking engineering? Your knowledge and skill in the maintenance of our piece should not be overwhelmed. Likewise, you should not purchase a dainty device if you tend to treat your belongings rough.

3. Knowledge

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There are literally thousands of types of bongs out there. Some are simple one-piece units while others are loaded with extras. If you decide on a multi-part bong, ensure that all the pieces are going to fit together. Ensure that you know the proper tools to use with it, if required. You don’t want your first bong to be more work than play, so start off with something you know you can handle, both with use and cleaning.

4. Experience

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What kind of smoking experience do you want? Hot and hard, or cool and smooth? Are you smoking dry herb or concentrates? The best way to find this out is to smoke with friends using their pieces and learn your preference. Once you do, you will be able to eyeball the chamber size and features that will give you the ideal smoke.

5. Material

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Glass pieces are great. They look clean, exciting, and elaborate. But glass isn’t the only way to go. If you are planning on taking this new piece for a journey or want something really forgiving, you can go with plastic or metal.

Ceramic tends to be the most delicate, as does thinner glass. Plastic can also be less durable, but is also cheaper. Good quality glass, especially scientific glass, can be as durable as high-grade plastic, but can also run up your cost.

6. Cost

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When looking for a bong, is it going to be a life-long relationship or a short-term fling? You don’t want to invest hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars if you don’t plan on keeping the piece for a long time. With a first-time piece, I like to stress going for simplicity and low-end price.

Smoking preferences tend to evolve over time, and your collection will soon grow to include other pieces for different moods. My first bong was a simple plastic “chamber and tube” design that lasted for about a year. Long before it eventually passed on, I had other, more elaborate pieces to fill the void, but it was great while it lasted. Don’t underestimate going cheap.

What was your first bong? Do you still have it? How does your first compare with your latest? Share your smoking evolution on social media or in the comments below.

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