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Guides | 12.21.2021

Herb’s Guide To Quitting Coffee

Helpful tips to keep in mind. Created with Keef.

Quitting coffee is never easy, and for whatever reason, you want to cut caffeine out of your system. There are many tips to keep in mind to help propel you forward on your journey to a coffee-free lifestyle. 

Many coffee drinkers don’t understand how consistent caffeine use can seriously affect your endocrine system, and according to Adrenal Fatigue, coffee can leave us with less energy, not more. 

After your first cup, you’ll often need a second come early to mid-afternoon. But the second cup won’t give the same uplifting and energetic effect as the first.

Each time you ingest caffeine, your adrenals release stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine. 

After constant caffeine dosages, your adrenals will eventually be unable to respond, leading to less enthusiasm, more fatigue, a weakened immune system, and more.

For these reasons, we wanted to help shed light on what you can do to beat caffeine cravings. 

Try Keef's THC-Infused Energy Beverages

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There’s nothing better than a pick me up when feeling down and out, and Keef’s THC-Infused Energy Beverages are just what you need to help subside those lingering caffeine cravings.

Keef offers two THC-infused energy beverages, and they range from 10 to 100 mg THC. 

Each beverage also contains small amounts of caffeine, so you don’t entirely shock your system when quitting coffee.

Keef’s THC-Infused Energy Beverages come in two delightful flavors: FLO, bursting with tropical fruits, and High Octane, blended with citrus. 

Don't Go Cold Turkey

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The reason why quitting cold turkey isn’t ideal is because of the lingering withdrawal symptoms.

The most common symptoms are headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and irritability, which is why we tied in Keef’s THC-Infused Energy Beverages with 90 mg of caffeine.

This way, your body can slowly get used to ingesting less caffeine without giving you those pesky withdrawal symptoms.

Get Up Earlier

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It’s okay that you rely on a cup of coffee to wake you up; most of the world does the same thing. In order to begin leaving this habit behind, we encourage you to start your days a bit earlier than you usually would.

You can do this by setting your alarm a half-hour earlier to give your body and mind time to wake up with natural sunshine, a healthy breakfast, and a glass of water.

Many say that room-temperature water with lemon is not only refreshing but awakens the immune and digestive system to help get natural waves of energy.

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