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Here’s 5 Portable Desktop Vaporizers Worth Checking Out

Even though they were the first vaping mechanism invented, and new technologies have appeared, desktop vaporizers are still very popular and have become more efficient, powerful, and portable. Check out this selection we have brought together of some of the best ones available right now.

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Being the first of their kind, desktop herb vaporizers are the symbol of the vaping industry but they were completely forgotten since the advent of pen gadgets — They were on the verge of extinction but persistent devotees of age-old vaping methods kept them alive. Many manufacturers have now modernized them by merging the concept with the latest technologies to cope with the ever-changing technological and social trends in the community. Now, the devices are more portable, reliable, and high-quality, having unrivaled performance. The listicle below shows some of the best desktop herb vaporizers we could filter out for you:

1. Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

A promising invention by Storz & Bickel, overshadowing most of the gadgets in the market with its standing-out features. In a single glance, any person can tell how creatively it is designed — shaped like a pyramid, having a digital screen on the front allowing users to spectate energy and temperature levels. Plus, it utilizes whip and balloon both to give out flavorsome vapors, unlike you might have seen in the previous models which relied on bags only.

Because of the smart design, vapors come out as cool clouds that not only retain the original flavor but also keep your lips from having a burning sensation. Their amount can be adjusted through the digital display which alters the speed of the fan.  The only con it has is the sound of the fan which is surprisingly loud.


  • Offers whip and balloon both
  • Temperature range: 104 to 446F
  • Heating time: 40 seconds
  • Smart digital display
  • Chamber capacity: 0.5 grams
  • Compatible with The Volcano Hybrid App

2. Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Dual compatibility with extracts and dry herbs plus long-lasting battery timing is why Dr. Dabber Switch is qualified to be on this list — Not to mention, its impressive induction heating technology.

It is a little hefty and tall, having 13 inches of total length (with the bubbler attached) — which might be bothersome dimensions but can be easily overlooked, given the fact that it offers many useful features.

As for the quality of the vapors, it varies with the temperature. For instance, at lower settings the quality is excellent. But the same cannot be said for the higher settings, on which the thickness of the clouds is ideal but the flavor gets intensified.

You can check various other desktop vaporizers here on Vapeactive.com online store. They offer quality products having a good price for money.


  • Dual compatibility
  • 25 heat settings
  • Induction heating technology
  • 150 cycles per charge
  • Leakproof
  • Self-cleaning mode

3. Vapir Rise 2.0

Even in plain sight, an average person may not realize if it is a vaporizer due to its unusual appearance — which is exactly why it is perfect for people intending to keep their vaping habits concealed.

On the front an LCD allows users to customize their vaping experience by altering the thickness and intensity of the outcome.

The gadget reaches a maximum of 215C temperature which is enough for an average user but not for the advanced users. The feature that makes it unique is its ability to incorporate four different whips at the same time. It means you and your friends can vape together without waiting endlessly for the turn.


  • Heat-up time: less than a minute
  • Vapor path: stainless steel
  • User-friendly display
  • Multi-person adapter

4. Arizer Extreme Q

In comparison to Vapir Rise 2.0, Arizer can reach a higher temperature — meaning, it is perfect for strong hitters. Plus, while heating the herbs on harsh temperatures the device doesn’t even make much sound all thanks to its smart engineering.

Together with glass tubes and ceramic heating, the device gives out tasteful vapors while retaining the natural potency. However, the glass accessories are pretty fragile — one fall and they will break right away.


  • Precise temperature controls
  • Quiet fan
  • Convection heating
  • Ceramic material
  • Glass accessories

5. Storz & Bickel Plenty

Another masterpiece by the Storz & Bickel, having a unique design, hybrid heating, and unrivaled vaping quality. It is best for vape enthusiasts that like to enjoy comfortably at home.

Beyond unique looks, the Plenty has very different control settings — a temperature dial on the sides is used to set the scale from 1-7. The unit doesn’t have any glass parts, making it more durable than any product we have discussed here.


  • Unique design
  • Easy-to-understand temperature gauge
  • Adjustable temperature design
  • Medical grade material
  • Lightweight construction
June 01, 2020 — Last Updated October 13, 2020
Written by Herb
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June 01, 2020 — Last Updated October 13, 2020
Written by Herb

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