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Guides | 01.06.2023

My Bud Vase Review: Bongs For The Stylish Toker

If you're looking for a truly discreet, classy-looking bong design, then My Bud Vase might be your safest bet.

Having an eye for interior design and fashion has been predominantly seen as something ‘girly’ or ‘not manly,’ whatever that means.

And I have to confess that in the past, I grew up in an environment where this was pretty much the norm.

But now:

We live in a world where most of us have understood that ‘manly’ or ‘girly’ are just adjectives born from societal conceptions. Or misconceptions, I should say.

Whatever it is, it’s there, and it’s brands like My Bud Vase that help us break those barriers and understand that nothing is girly or manly when it comes to decoration. Things are just appealing for space you are decorating, or they’re not.

I can’t help but remember when I first entered the home of an Italian friend of mine—a young straight guy of around 22 years old. A football player and all-in-all someone that you would consider ‘manly.’ But once you entered his flat, the decor was something that reminded me of my grandmother’s house. Even though the decor didn’t ‘fit’ his personality at first glance, then it did.

This was one of the first times that I learned to appreciate design for what it is and not for what society tells me it is. And probably the first time that I learned first-hand that Italians actually do have style.

Something similar to this happened when I first heard of My Bud Vase.

About My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase is an industry-respected luxury cannabis brand.

My Bud Vase creates luxurious-looking bongs that fulfill a double purpose. One of which is obviously functional, smoking weed and cannabis concentrates. The second purpose is to decorate your home, using the bong as more than just an appliance, but as a decoration accessory.

By making efforts to fulfill both of these purposes, My Bud Vase touches on a sought-after feature for bongs; discreetness. 

My Bud Vase works hard to create a dynamic cannabis lifestyle product line crafted and designed to portray the power of femininity and a devotion to producing luxury vase bongs.

My Bud Vase Review

Both of the bongs reviewed in this document were chosen based on design, functionality, and quality. Each one of them provided thick clouds of smoke and served their purpose to the T.

My Bud Vase Stardust Review

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Stardust can look feminine when you first look at it, but to me, it actually looks like an old vintage spirit flask you would find in Vito Corleone’s office. Especially because it comes with a stopper/cap that matches the design of the body, just like a spirit flask would have.

The Stardust is made out of thick textured glass with hand-painted gold details that bring out the designs used on this glass piece. The Stardust just looks more classy than any other bong you can find on the market, and that’s a fact.

Inside the box, you’ll also find an ivory pearl anemone flower poker you can use to set on top of your vase as a decoy when discretion is needed, or as a piece to help you move the flower you’ve packed into the bowl.

The vase has dimensions of 12 inches in height and 4.5 inches in width. While the Stardust Bowl is 9 millimeters thick and 3.25 inches wide in diameter. You can also purchase the Large Bubble Bowl as a replacement for only $10.

The Stardust comes with a body-to-bowl connection lined by a rubber grommet that helps keep the water sealed inside the piece and hangs at a 45-degree angle. I personally prefer bowls that stand up straighter than this, but given the large size of the bowl, it’s easy to stop material from falling out unwillingly.

The only downside I can think of with this piece is that it’s clear in design, so if you’re striving for discretion then you’ll have to be really disciplined with the maintenance and cleaning of your glassware. Other than that, the Stardust works great and looks even better.

My Bud Vase Phoenix Review

We decided to include the Phoenix in this review because it follows a more conventional bong design than other vases in the collection. But it still keeps the same air of discretion that all My Bud Vase products follow. 

That and the fact that the Phoenix is an artisan-made, one-of-a-kind design, are what prompted us into reviewing this vase.

The Phoenix has a long-neck, 9-inch tall design with 3 inches in width made with a bone-colored glass ribbed in a geometrical diamond pattern. The light tone on this bong might make it difficult to clean thoroughly on the inside, but it also allows you to conceal whatever the inside looks like if you haven’t cleaned your product yet.

One of my favorite parts of this design is the custom 9mm bubble bowl. .The design is crafted with hues of yellow and reds that pair nicely with the fiery flower poker it comes with. The bowl is somewhat reminiscent of a psychedelic glass dry pipe, so this piece does a great job of combining elegance with psychedelia.

I usually like long-neck bongs because they allow the smoke to travel longer and cool down before it reaches your mouth. Which is something that the Phoenix does perfectly well.

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