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Nirvana Seeds Review: Everything You Need To Know

We would recommend Nirvana as your first stop if you’re taking your first steps in plant growth. Nirvana is also a great place to look for rare seed finds.

The Nirvana Seeds Story

Nirvana Shop’s founder Mau originally worked at Positronics, a legendary Amsterdam grow shop that helped build the knowledge which later developed into a seed bank of his own in the 1980s. 

Mau spent years traveling around the world hunting for the best and most rare marijuana strains he could find. Which he then collected for experimentation. This practice would later help Nirvana grow into the powerhouse it is today and home to a number of new strains and cross-breeds.

Strains that would eventually become Nirvana’s first range of hybrids when the seed bank was officially founded in 1995. Unlike other seedbanks, Nirvana prides itself on having a unique and original range of carefully crafted hemp products. An innovative business approach that characterizes them.

Nirvana has a small, yet dedicated team of web developers, programmers, and packers that run the webshop. A webshop where you may find top-notch cannabis seeds and nutrients with excellent customer service.

What Sets Nirvana Apart?

Well, let’s start with the way the business is structured and a quick glance at their team.

Mau is Nirvana’s original (and currently retired) founder. A person who has around 40 years of cannabis grow shop experience and an incredible amount of knowledge in experimenting, growing, cross-breeding, and new strain development. If we had to describe anyone we wanted to be leading the team that develops the seeds we use, it’s a guy with his credentials.

That last paragraph would be the perfect segue into ‘The Amazing dope stories of Mau’. Which actually has an entire dedicated landing page for Mau’s long-haired, hippie, street meddling, guitar-playing, weed-infused stories that date all the way back to the 1960s.

Although we don’t have time to go into them, it caught our attention strongly enough for us to call it out. In our eyes, anyone who has dedicated their lives to exploring cannabis culture is probably someone you want to buy your seeds from.

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Now that the original founder of the company has retired, there’s a new and what seems to be a vibrant team of go-getters that understand the modern times we live in. A team that has been around the industry long enough to be considered pioneers and understand the legal complications of an industry like ours.

In short, it’s safe to say that we’d feel confident in purchasing products from a team like this one.

Nirvana is known as a source of reliable seeds, soil, and pretty much anything you need to start a small growth operation from scratch at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for an option that provides value for the money, Nirvana is a good place to start. 

We would recommend Nirvana as your first stop if you’re taking your first steps in plant growth. Although some might not consider them the first choice for experienced growers, Nirvana is a great place to look for rare seed finds.

Nirvana Seed Selection

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Nirvana’s marijuana seed selection is split up by carefully thought out categories that make it very easy to search for exactly what you want even if you don’t know what you’re looking for yet.

Their categories include four main tabs:

  1. Types of Seed: For growers that know what they’re doing. The subcategories include items like feminized and auto-flowering seeds. Terms that are probably not straight forward for someone planning for their first grow.
  2. Category: That makes it easy even for newbies. This category includes Indicas, Sativas, High THC, High CBD, and Hybrid seeds.
  3. Cultivation: This is a category that’s probably meant for mid-level growers who understand what they need out of their seed but don’t know exactly what products tick those boxes. Subcategories include Indoor seeds, Outdoor Seeds, Los Odor Strains, and a few others.
  4. Specials: This is a category where knowledgeable weed enthusiasts can come in and get rare finds. Subcategories include Limited Edition strains and USA strains.

Their total seed selection is constituted of a changing line-up of around 40-50 strains at a time. Expect all the classic and legendary strains like Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Sour Diesel, and GSC, among others. Basic selections are pretty much always in stock at Nirvana.

Nirvana's Top Strains

Nirvana divides their product by origin, special editions, and cultivation practices. These are some of Nirvana’s top strains for each of those categories.

Blue Dream Feminized

A feminized strain with an outstandingly delicious berry flavor, a short flowering time, an incredibly productive growth profile, and THC levels that can scale all the way up to 20%.

Durban Poison Feminized

Durban Poison is a classic Sativa-dominant strain. In this case, Durban Poison seeds are feminized, easy to grow with a tall plant that comes as a result. Durban Poison was created by crossing South African and Dutch genetics. The buds are expected to flower in 8-9 weeks and give off a scentful aroma of anise and a sweetly delicious earthy flavor.

Black Domina Feminized

A feminized Indica-dominant strain that gets its name from the dark hues exhibited on its sticky leaves. A potent THC content that usually soars above 20% and leaves consumers ‘ready for bed’.

Nirvana also offers convenient Grow Solutions Kits. These include grow bags, flower tab nutrients, germination kits, and other useful accessories. Unfortunately, accessory kits for each solution are sold to fit the solution itself and not as a bundle to give you everything you need. Although you can find everything you need, you’ll have to do some research first to know exactly what it is you need to purchase.

Nirvana Seed Quality

Nirvana supplies distributors and resellers around the world. Which makes them a reliable and trusted brand for home growers like you. Nirvana seed quality is trustworthy and reliable with reasonable pricing attached to them.

Customer Service

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Reviews and comments from frequent users are mostly positive, describing the Nirvana customer service as friendly and eager to help.

At the bottom of the Nirvana Shop website, you’ll find a ‘Need Help?’ section with direct contact information to the customer support team. Options include opening a support ticket, sending an email, or calling. All options are readily available and fast to react.


If you need immediate help you will not find online chat support to get you through your questions. So you might have to wait for an email to be answered or a call to be taken. But that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem since they do have an incredibly comprehensive FAQ/customer service landing page that immediately solves any doubt on your mind.

Another alternative for quick responses would be to use the Nirvana Weedportal, where you can chat with other customers that might be able to solve your problem and provide you with unexpected growth knowledge. At the Weedportal you’ll find answers to FAQs, strain reviews, and expert advice.

Regular Pricing, Discounts, and Promotions

As mentioned above, their pricing is very reasonable and accessible. On top of that, discounts may be found here and there on certain strains. This is probably a seasonal strategy so you’ll have to be on the lookout for sales if you’re looking to bag a specific strain. A discount with the already low pricing that characterizes Nirvana will ensure you catch a price tag that you won’t find anywhere else.

Shipping Services, Payment Options & Returns Policy

We’re actually waiting on our order and will have a more detailed description for you soon. However, Nirvana promises to ship out within 4 business days and they have stealth shipping routes anywhere worldwide (except Japan, Australia, and Argentina). Depending on where you’re located you should be getting your shipment in 1 to 4 weeks.

Canceling an order is fairly simple if the order hasn’t been shipped or paid. If the delivery is taking too long but the order is on its way, then you will have to contact customer support. Their return policy is not anywhere to be found on the customer service website, so it is likely you’ll have to contact customer service in this case as well.

Payment options are very flexible, including cash payments in USD, Euro, CND, British Pounds, and Polish Zloty. Online payments can be done with credit cards, bank transfers, and even Bitcoin.

Other payments like cash on delivery, checks, PayPal transfers, money order, and Western Union payments are not available.

Website Navigation & User Experience

We liked the overall look and feel of the website. Some improvements could be done here and there, as with anything really, but the website is fairly straight forward and easy to find yourself in it through the whole checkout process. We were particularly impressed by their customer service landing page and the Weedportal.

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