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Our Favorite Pipes From Empire Glassworks

Wanna add some style to your stash? Check out these masterpieces.

Let’s face it, the pipes in the cannabis industry tend to be a little on the bland side. Sure, transparent and glass-colored pipes are nice, but sometimes you need a little pizzaz to flare up your smoking sesh.

Sometimes simpler pipes tend to get boring and get lost in your stash, and that might be prejudicial to its maintenance.

This is why we’ve gathered our favorite pipes from Empire Glassworks. Not only are they great with their hand-blown glass pipes, but all of their products are also the perfect artwork to flare up your collection.

Without any further delay, let’s check some of the most unique pipes around the cannabis space.

Bugs Life Small Pipe

If you’ve ever felt like you were missing some fairy-like forest pipe on your collection, this one might be for you.

The hand-crafted details on the Bugs Life Small Pipe are no joke, and if you want to live your cottagecore or fairy fantasy while having a hit, you’ll love the tiny mushrooms and critters on this pipe.

The specific theme with this one are critters, moss, fungi, and the wood-like colored glass underneath all of this. You can admire the craftsmanship of each of the tiny friends and mushrooms that lay in the glossy-like finish of the pipe.

Also, it has vibrant colors that remind us of hiking in the woods or just checking underneath a log in the backyard.

As usual, the Empire Glasswork pipes are made from borosilicate glass that can sustain heat. It has a left side carb hole to get all your hits, and its dimensions are 4.75” L x1.75” W.

Each of their pipes is individually hand-crafted, and it will feel like you have a tiny part of the forest with you with each smoking sesh. 

You can grab this tiny piece of forest for $69.99 on Fat Buddha Glass.

Bomber Spoon Pipe

It’s me, Bomb Pipe! Well, at least if you are feeling a little nostalgic about some 90s videogames, this pipe is perfect for you.

With a cartoon-style bomb main piece, this borosilicate and pyrex glass pipe looks pretty similar to a Bob-Omb from one of your favorite Mario games.

The Bomber Spoon Pipe has a classic, glossy black finish that looks beautiful from all angles. The spoon-like design makes it super easy to smoke from and clean, so don’t worry about intricate pipes that are a hassle to reuse and keep clean.

Size-wise, this pipe is 4.0” L x 1.5” W, weighing about 80 grams. Not that heavy, considering you have a bomb in your pocket.

Whether you want to use it for dry herb or tobacco, this pipe is a must for any mushroom kingdom fan out there. 

This unique pipe is only $49.99 on Fat Buddha Glass.

Scary Terry Pickle Pipe

It’s everyone’s favorite pickle, turned into a pipe! If you love the sci-fi shenanigans that Rick & Morty bring every episode, you’ll probably want to check this Pickle Pipe

Besides having a gorgeous glossy green finish, it has some great details made from high-quality borosilicate glass.

No matter if you want to binge some cartoon episodes or just take this pickle for a walk, you’ll find its spoon design pretty easy to use.

This lampwork glassblowing pipe is 5.0” long and 1.25” wide, so it’s more than perfect for taking on all of your outer space adventures or your couch.

It weighs about 120 grams, so it’s light enough to get all the tokes you want from this popular pickle character. 

You can grab this pipe for $69.99 on Fat Buddha Glass.

Mochi Donut Pipe

Who doesn’t love a donut in the morning? Well, with this pipe, you can get all your mornings with a delicious wake-and-bake with some mochi deliciousness added to your tokes.

This pink, mochi donut-inspired pipe looks way too real and will for sure make you take sweet hits every time.

Now, this is not your regular donut. Based on the Japanese-style mochi type of bread, this pipe imitates six dough balls covered in delicious strawberry glaze and nuts.

Of course, everything is made from super high-quality borosilicate glass, so it’s only made for smoking dry flowers and tobacco.

About size, the Mochi Donut Pipe is one of the biggest on our list, standing at 3.5” in height and 3” in width. It also has a left side carb hole for better oxygenation while taking a pull. 

If you feel like your hits are missing something sweet, you can grab this pipe for $99.99 on Fat Buddha Glass.

Koi Pond Pipe

If the picture of tranquil waters with Koi fish is part of your picture when having a smoke session, we’ve found the perfect pond.

You can blow your favorite dry herb while picturing flowing blue waters from this pipe, letting you ease tension with each toke.

This intricate, glossy blue-colored pipe has a Japanese-inspired thematic. With vibrant floating lily pads, blooming lotus flowers, and most importantly, gorgeously designed koi fish, each smoke will feel like a zen experience.

Size-wise, the Koi Pond Pipe is 4.5” long and 1.5” wide and weighs about 80 grams. It’s also made from high-quality borosilicate glass that will allow you to take your favorite hits with tranquility.

You’ll also find this pipe has intricate lampwork details for each fish, plant, and pad.

Grab this little piece of zen for $49.99 on Fat Buddha Glass.

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