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guides | 12.19.2019

How To Get Lab-Tested Cannabis Delivered Right To Your Door

Hoping to get the highest-quality medical cannabis in Canada? Pure Green Express wants to ship safe, lab-tested cannabis right to your home.

Canadian cannabis patients now have the luxury of getting high-quality, laboratory tested cannabis delivered right to their doorstep. A new mail order marijuana company, Pure Green Express, hopes to provide patients with safe, quality assured cannabis products without having to leave home. Pure Green Express are a new licensed producer that offers supreme quality products, every time.

Pure Green Express: Mail order marijuana made easy

There is a simple trick for picking out some quality medical cannabis: opt for lab-tested strains. Growing great medical cannabis is different from growing the herb for recreational purposes. Medical cannabis needs to be grown in a clean environment, and safe from the risk of contamination and residual pesticide residue.

Fortunately, Canadian medical cannabis patients are in good hands. Pure Green Express offers mail order marijuana that is tested by a third party laboratory.

This ensures that your bud is quality controlled and safe to consume. It also means that you know the precise measurements of active compounds in your bud.

The cannabis plant can produce over 400 different chemical compounds. While researchers still have yet to unlock their many secrets, cannabis testing allows both professionals and consumers to know what compounds may be contributing to the overall effects of these strains.

Some patients may respond better to certain strains than others. Pure Green Express prices cannabis according to the results of the laboratory tests, which means that you can easily scale up or scale down on your doses, and there are more opportunities to get exactly the cannabinoids that you need.

Mail order marijuana is legal in Canada, and Pure Green Express will deliver right to your door. You can choose from strains that are well-suited for a variety of conditions, including insomnia, stress, pain, nausea, and anxiety.

From there, you can sign up as a patient and create an account. You can then peruse from dozens of cannabis products, including delicious edibles, concentrates, and flower.

Based in British Columbia, Pure Green Express ships nationwide to qualified adults. A small $9 can get you an high-quality, laboratory tested cannabis product.

To purchase from Pure Green Express, simply visit PureGreenExpress.ca.

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