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A legit seed bank with loads of recognized breeders behind its name to support it.

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Although Seed Supreme is technically a seed bank itself, the first thing you notice straight out of the gate is that they offer a seed bank directory. I’m assuming Seed Supreme works hand in hand with other breeders and seedbanks to provide the best seed quality possible.

Pivoting and helping yourself out with other big players in the industry is a huge part of being on top of your product quality. Which is something that gives me additional peace of mind when it comes to purchasing seeds from Seed Supreme. 

It’s also possible that Seed Supreme owns a portion of these seed banks, but which ones or if any is unknown to us at this moment. The point is, the directory is large, organized, and you can find it on the very first tab at the top of the home landing page.

The other tabs you’ll immediately see the first time you load up the landing page are cannabis seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, medicinal seeds, regular seeds, and the USA tab.

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The Cannabis Seeds tab prompts an expandable list of options when you hover over it, and quite a large one. Each option belongs to a specific strain and when clicked upon a second landing page will open up with a list of different seed prices for that specific strain from different seed banks. The lists are large, which naturally means you have a lot of options, and a great attribute the design of the list has is that it shows you the price for each option at first glance without having to click on it.

The same tab also has other options you can click on that are not strain-specific. A few of them are beginner strains, hybrid strains, indoor and outdoor strains. This always comes in handy if you don’t know what strain you want to grow. 

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The medicinal seeds tab is also pretty cool because it offers you two different list options. One that suggests strains and seeds based on conditions and another one that suggests strains based on symptoms.

At first glance, this seems awesome, but the reality is that companies face the risk of encountering fines if they suggest certain strains for specific medical conditions. So, when you do a little more digging on the filter side of the ‘conditions’ list, you’ll notice that you can’t filter the strains by conditions. I’m not sure what this could mean, but I’m assuming it’s Seed Supreme trying to avoid getting fined. Which is perfectly fine by me and understandable.


The same thing does not go for the symptoms list.

If you clicked on symptoms, you WILL be able to filter your seed options by symptom. Stress, acute pain, and depression are all examples of the filters you can use. There are also a few other filters that will help you find the perfect remedy; price, stock status, seed bank, flowering type, and much much more.

Last but not least:

The USA tab is probably my favorite one out of all of them.

The list that comes down under ‘USA’ when you hover over it is a State-Specific clickable list. When you click on one of the states a second landing page will load with all the seed options you have at your disposal.

I tried a few different states and kept getting the same seed lineup every time. Which baffled me at first. But then I realized that Seed Supreme’s intention is not to point you towards the right strain with this list, they intend to educate you on your State’s cannabis legal status.

A feature I found really handy and very educational if you want to know where your State laws stand on you possessing weed and growing it. Which sounds like a good idea before you decide to populate your entire backyard with ganja.

The Seed Supreme Story

I’m not sure why but there isn’t much information I can find on Seed Supreme’s story. All I can say is that it was established back in 2013 in the UK and it intends to be a one-stop-shop for all seed necessities.

But I guess none of that is even all that relevant to know in the effort of understanding how trustworthy a seed bank is. Which for some reason, is always found written online in this format: “is X seed bank legit?” 

To be honest, the word ‘legit’ is kind of broad, but I’ll go along with it and say; yes, Seed Supreme is definitely legit.

They have had their fair share of customer complaints but after almost 10 years in the market, it looks like Seed Supreme keeps happy, returning customers. Their negative reviews have been mostly focused on customer service and being delivered the wrong seeds.

But as a person who reviews seed banks for a living, let me tell you that with other seed banks I’ve seen people never even get their orders. Also, Seed Supreme is apparently getting a lot better at their customer service game, so in the off chance that this kind of thing happens, you can rest assured that you’ll be answered for it with Seed Supreme.

All-in-all, no scam going on here.

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What Sets Seed Supreme Apart

The Seed Supreme seed collection is vast and long. There are tons and tons of options to choose from and easily navigable as discussed above. 

But this is not an outstanding feature. At the end of the day, there are many other seed banks online that offer a product offering just as broad as this one.

What really sets Seed Supreme apart from the pack is that their vast product offering offers all the main seed breeders you hear about. Breeders that are renowned for their reliable seed quality and professional genetics experience.

Another cool attribute is that you get free seeds with every order depending on how much you spend. Which is something I hadn’t seen before on other online seed banks.

Seed Quality

Online reviews do not favor Seed Supreme product quality. Which took me aback because some of the breeders they advertise are truly top-notch.

But then you begin to analyze how a business like this one operates and you understand that seeds are probably sitting in storage for a while before they get shipped out to you. Sure, seeds can be kept fresh if well stored, but according to online reviews, something is not being done right.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t find great quality seeds at Seed Supreme.

In fact:

This is a problem that ALL seed banks have in common. At least all the seed banks I’ve used personally and ALL the seed banks I’ve reviewed share this commonality between them.

Customer Service

The most common negative comment on the customer service team at Seed Supreme is that they do not offer specific advice on growing and germination for each seed. But other than that, reviews seem to be pretty positive in terms of responsiveness and speed.

Which is all I need from a customer service team. At least when it comes to cannabis seeds, most of the information you need you’ll be able to find online in very precise detail. If the customer service team is fast, helps me sort through my order issues, my shipment problems, and nothing else, I’m actually fine with that.

Pricing, Discounts, and Promotions

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The Seed Supreme pricing seems very standard, not too low not too high. Surely you’ll be able to find some steals but also some overpriced seeds.

The good thing about Seed Supreme is that they constantly offer sales, discounts, and promotions. On top of all the free seeds they’re open to giving you depending on your purchase.

Another popular discount that Seed Supreme offers is a 25% promo on orders paid for with Bitcoin. I don’t really play around with cryptocurrency, so I don’t really know how much of a win-win that would be, but if that’s your thing you might as well check it out.

Seed Supreme also offers a loyalty program called Kush Money. Basically, for a certain amount spent on purchases you get points that you can accumulate and use as discounts on future orders. However, Kush Money seems to only accumulate for 30 days, and according to Kush Money reviewers online, the discounts obtained with it aren’t all that significant when compared to the amount you’d have to spend to get points.

Shipping, Payment Options, and Returns Policy

Seed Supreme offers a ton of different payment options including account-to-account transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, and mail payments. You can also pay by card but you’d have to go through Mesh, a popular payment platform that charges fees of around 7.5% for each transaction.

As a person that doesn’t care about crypto and prefers to accumulate flight miles using a credit card for online purchases, these are not the best shipping options and in my case, are a real deal-breaker. But hey! There are people for everything and perhaps mailing money or paying by crypto sounds more convenient in your case, which would make Seed Supreme a great option.

April 05, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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April 05, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena

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