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SuperCloset Review: 3 Great Ways To Grow Your Own Weed

Among the many hobbies that soured in popularity during the lockdowns, gardening has reconnected people to the earth by stimulating self-sustainability. But why can’t you add a little funk to the fruits and veggies production? You might as well do it in style, with this leading brand of growing boxes.

Since 2002, SuperCloset has led the way in the hydroponic industry with a conscious effort to make positive changes in the world. Focusing on creating local and sustainable food and herb production in communities throughout the world, the San Francisco-based company is converting an increasing number of people to venture into growing.

If you’re still somewhat apprehensive, you should be aware that SuperCloset offers free videos about using their products effectively and troubleshooting any problems that you might experience. The availability of information about hydroponics is ever-increasing, convincing more beginners to take the leap and start growing for themselves.  

The folks at SuperCloset have been making it easy for beginners to grasp the art of growing weed.  Limiting the external variables that can typically stump first-time growers (airflow in the room, proper lighting, humidity, pH levels, etc.), these top-notch boxes leave the heavy work up to them.  

You can choose to grow hydroponically or with soil, and will have access to the Grow Like A Super Pro video series and grow support for life no matter which option you decide on.

SuperCloset SuperStar Review

Disguising itself as a storage cabinet or safe, this stealthy steel growing system would easily be passed over by the casual observer. Once you’ve bypassed the triple-locking security and open the door, your reaction will be similar to witnessing the wardrobe’s portal into Narnia, but instead of a talking lion and human-animal hybrid following you around, it’s beautiful, blossoming cannabis plants gazing back up at you. The pride you feel when you look at those plants will be outdone only by the joy of actually smoking them.  

The bestseller grow box from the northern California company gives you a formidable yield while remaining compact and discreet. One of their smaller boxes, this bad boy sits at 60 inches high while being 24 inches wide and deep.  

The SuperStar’s activated carbon filtration system eliminates odor and unwanted attention. This is fantastic, considering there’s going to be a lot going on behind that door.  The dual-chamber design allows you to grow seedlings and clones up top and more mature plants down low, kind of like a way cooler version of your old school locker.  

The tech specs inside the cabinet feature an optional WiFi camera that allows you to monitor your ganja babes from anywhere, smart controls giving you the power to adjust the light levels from an app on your phone or tablet, a digital thermometer and hydrometer gives you instant feedback on your plant’s environment.  

However, the most impressive feature inside the SuperStar is the Kind K3 XL300 LED Grow Light system. Displaying a complete 12-band spectrum with ultraviolet and infrared light wavelengths, this sleek lighting unit is also height adjustable so you can give your plants just the right amount of light that they desire.

If that wasn’t enough, your production will increase 25% thanks to the T5 Cool Spectrum Side Lights that line the edges of the cabinet. This combination of top-of-the-line lighting will provide quality to your yield that is unmatched.

SuperCloset Deluxe Review

Offering more square footage than the SuperStar while maintaining a modest appearance, the Deluxe is eighteen inches taller and almost twice as wide as the bestseller.  If the SuperStar is the Sequoia forest of grow boxes, then the Deluxe has got to be the Congo. This increase in trees is thanks to the dual-chambered fortress that gives you a bunch of space to develop your younger plants separately from your more mature ones, enabling you to have a consistent harvest throughout the year.  

The same kind of LED grows lights as their previous product will be more than enough illumination to keep your herb babies flourishing.  In addition to the same supreme lighting situation, the Deluxe also mirrors its SuperStar cousin by including all the same tech specs. The carbon filtration masks the smell and removes hot air from the main chamber.

If going with the hydroponic option, you’ll quickly bond with the 50-site super cloner that yields plants with superb root structure thanks to the deep water culture and hyper oxygenated water. The Deluxe also what else would you expect from a company constantly generating award-winning products. 

SuperCloset Trinity Review

From the mountainous Sequoias to the densely packed Congo, the Trinity Grow Cabinet takes the cake as the Amazon Rainforest of grow boxes.  A combination of the Deluxe and SuperFlower cabinets, this double-wide mighty depository is the ideal setup for the serious grower looking to produce a much larger output.  

With all the features of their other growing boxes and an additional third chamber, the Trinity makes it easy to see how Neo was so in love. Follow the black cabinet and break out of the programming that prevents you from growing your own bud.  

SuperCloset has got you covered throughout your growing process. Items they throw in the box that set you up for success include Lotus premium plant nutrients to

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