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Are Larger Vape Cartridges The Next Cannabis Trend?

Consumers are dropping more cash on 2g cannabis cartridges. Will that save them money in the long run?

When buying dried flower, consumers have various options. We can pick up a 1g pre-roll, 3.5g, 7g, and even up to an ounce.

So why don’t we have the same options when buying vape cartridges? That is, until recently.

Finally, vapers and those who prefer inhaling potent distillate are starting to broaden their horizons with larger vape cartridges, pods, and disposables that last far longer.

What Are The Benefits Of Larger Vape Cartridges?

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The real question should be, what aren’t the benefits of larger vapes?

On a personal note, I was disappointed that my local dispensary severely lacked pod selection for my new vaporizer. The only pod that interested me was a tiny 0.4 grams.

The noticeable issue was that I’d run through the pod faster than you can say, “Oh shit, my pod is done.” That means I’d have to spend another $27 just for that small amount of concentrate.

That’s where larger cartridges can help. Below, you’ll find a few brands that have already mastered the game of 2g vapes and disposables. You’ll also notice that their price points aren’t that scary.

Simply put, I could likely get one week out of a 0.4g cartridge, which cost me $27. Below, a whopping 2g disposable vape sells at $38 to $57.

Even if you drop $57 on a disposable vape, that’s sure to save you money in the long run compared to dropping $27 each week on a 0.4g pod, even a 1g pod.

And the winning factor is that 2g vapes last you a whole lot longer. Read on for the inside scoop on the leading brands that offer 2g vapes and disposables.

Brands That Are Blazing The Trail


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The Knockout Blend disposable vape pen is one of the first live resin blends on the market from Binoid.

This innovative Knockout Blend combines premium THC-P, THC-H, and HHC-P distillate with live resin Fire OG and Ice Breaker strains to give a superior and powerful experience.

If you like the highest quality and strongest vapes you can find, this knockout blend is for you.

Binoid Knockout Blend 2 gram disposables are taking the world by storm and are getting extremely popular with these fantastic live terpene flavors.

DazeD8 White Runtz THC-O + THCV + HHC-O Live Resin Disposable (3g)

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Beyond the 2g Titanz, DazeD8 Cross brings a massive 3g dual chamber monster, DazeD8’s final boss, if there ever was one.

They feature a three-ingredient cocktail of cannabinoids that’s sure to please you and trigger the synergy of the entourage effect, as well as two delicious strains to cross: Gelato and Zkitllez.

The kicker here is the dual chamber mechanism, which allows you to hit one or both simultaneously, resulting in a White Runtz crossbreed.

If larger carts are the future, then dual carts must be what’s beyond. Time to give them a try.

Delta Extrax

If we are talking about large vapes, we have to mention one of the biggest brands in the industry: Delta Extrax. Besides their delicious flavors and strains, Delta Extrax is one of the pioneers of both cannabinoids and devices in the hemp space. And what they’ve got in store is the next step of disposable vaping.

Meet the Lights Out line. These disposables by Delta Extrax give new looks and are formulated with two total grams of Live Resin of the innovative THCh and THCjd. Both of these new minor cannabinoids have incredible potency, THCh is said to be up to 10 times more potent than delta-9 THC. THCjd, on the other hand, has also been tested for up to 19 times the potency of regular THC as well.

These two new kids in the block really change up the cannabis game, so their disposables are no joke. With three different flavors with strain-specific terpenes, Blueberry Skunk (hybrid), Strawberry Kush (indica), and Ekto Kooler (Sativa), here’s a flavor profile for anyone.

Each of these pens is also enriched with a premium cannabinoid blend besides the two newcomers, with THCP, delta-8 THC, and delta-10 THC added to the mix. They are fully rechargeable through their USB C port and have a 280 mAh battery life. So don’t worry about missing a toke midway through your session.

Read more about the big innovations that Delta Extrax has in store around here.

Pinnacle Hemp

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Two is better than one. With Pinnacle Hemp’s Rift Multiverse 2 Gram Pen, you get twice as much distillate than any other cartridge or disposable on its website.

The brand’s Multiverse Pens (which are rechargeable through a USB cable) come in two different and potent cannabinoids blends:

  • Delta-9 THC, THCO, and THCP

The zappy and stimulating Delta-9 blend comes in the following flavors:

  • Alien Rock Candy
  • Galactic jack
  • Death Star

The euphoric HHC blend comes in the following flavors:

  • Skywalker OG
  • Jupiter OG
  • Stardawg Guava

Pinnacle Hemp’s Rift Multiverse 2 Gram Pen is an excellent way to experience the wonders of various cannabinoids and elongate each sesh thanks to the generous 2 grams of pure distillate. No more worrying about running out; just keep on puffing.

Flying Monkey

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Another leading contender that’s blazing the 2g vape trail is Flying Monkey. In fact, the brand actually dropped an entirely new device for its new 2g disposable vapes.

The result is a potent Live Resin disposable with a long-lasting, rechargeable 300 mAh battery along with 2g of pre-filled Delta 8 Live Resin.

These bad boys can take up to 1600 puffs. But in the event your vape dies before you’ve finished the product, you can recharge it to ensure you inhale every last drop.

Choose from strains like Do-Si-Dos, Skywalker OG, NYC Diesel, and many more.

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