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Guides | 05.16.2022

A Complete Guide To THC-H

Another cannabinoid joins the long list, and it's pretty amazing.

If there is an industry that never ceases to surprise us, it is the hemp industry, there are constantly new discoveries and only the best brands on the market are able to keep up with the fast pace demanded by consumers.

Our favorite green goddess never ceases to amaze us and now it is the turn of the relatively new THC-H. A rare cannabinoid that can be obtained naturally or synthetically, the intriguing thing about this compound is that it is believed to be up to 10 times more potent than THC. Yes, you read it right, up to ten times.

Many brands are taking the lead in creating products that align with the personal desires and needs of each consumer, but none are doing it at the pace and quality of Binoid, who have just launched a special THC-H line that we loved.

About Binoid

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Photo courtesy of Binoid

Binoid is a company that uses organic hemp to create its wide portfolio of products, being a first-level brand in the field. Binoid uses all the cannabinoids that hemp has to offer, and stays on the cutting edge by making unique, potent, and high-quality products, such as the THC-H line.

To ensure that their high-quality hemp is safe and enjoyable for everyone, Binoid’s products are meticulously tested before being sent to outside labs for even more testing. This company is not willing to settle for anything less than excellence in its products.

Binoid is not just another company, they are also dedicated to research, and finding new hemp compounds to keep their products on the cutting edge, which is why they are pioneers in THC-H products and many more.

For this and much more, Binoid is the best place to buy THC-H products, made with natural and premium ingredients. Binoid has thousands of reviews on the web, and some of the highest-rated products online. Plus most of their products are federally legal.

What Exactly Is THC-H?

THC-H is a new cannabinoid derived from hemp, it can be of either natural origin or synthetically produced. THC-H appears to be the second strongest cannabinoid in hemp, right after THC-P.

Usually, THC-H products only contain a small percentage so that the experience is pleasant, mighty, and, most importantly, safe, that’s how potent this cannabinoid is. THC-H, also known as Delta-H, is known for its intense body and mind high.

As a relatively new compound there is still not enough evidence about it and its effects, some anecdotal reports suggest that it can help elevate mood and promote general happiness.

Be careful when experimenting with THC-H for the first time, as it is very potent.

THC-H Effects and Benefits

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It is a relatively new cannabinoid, so there are no definitive long-term studies on the effects and benefits of THC-H, some reports seem to indicate that THC-H is effective in elevating mood and relieving pain.

However, most results are based on users’ first-hand experiences with THC-H, but every experience may be different, some users have reported:

  • A heavy, heady buzz
  • Mental and physical experience
  • Intense experience
  • Happiness and enjoyment
  • Relaxation
  • Intense euphoria

THC-H And Drug Testing

We don’t have enough data to say anything definitively, but THC-H metabolites can trigger many drug tests that look for Delta 9 THC metabolites.

Is It Legal?

Binoid’s THC-H products are legal under federal and many state laws. Their extracts are 100% legally derived from hemp and contain no more than 0.3% ∆9THC. However, each person should verify whether the product is legal in his or her state or territory and make all appropriate confirmations.

Best THC-H Productos

Let’s move now to the fun part, meet the best products of Binoid from their THC-H line.

THC-H Vape Cartridge

Binoid’s THC-H cartridges are the first of their kind on the market, being pioneers. These innovative THC-H vapes use premium THC-H distillate, subtly combined with Delta 8 and amazing terpene strains to give a powerful mental relaxation and body buzz that we loved.

The cartridges come available in 4 different strains: Hybrid: Birthday Cake, Indica: Death Star, Diamond OG, and Sativa: Sour Tsunami.

One of our favorites is Birthday Cake, a delicious hybrid strain that is perfect for ending the day on a good note, with deeply relaxing effects that calm the body and mind.

THC-H Vape Cartridges - Bundle

If you’re like me who can’t choose just one flavor, Binoid offers the option to buy a Bundle of THC-H Vape Cartridges to combine and try all their amazing strains, plus you save big. They are available in packs of 4 or 8 options, plus you can combine them as you prefer.

THC-H Tincture

Binoid’s THC-H Tincture comes with 1000 mg of premium Delta 8 distillate, THC-H and THC-P paired with MCT oil for an easy and enjoyable experience for the body and mind, a potent combination that will get you buzzing. This THC-H tincture is the first real THC-H tincture available, always on the cutting edge.

Our recommendation is to start slowly and with little, do not be confident, it is very powerful. You should put 1/4 to 1/2 drop and wait for the effects to take more, although this amount should be more than enough.

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