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Guides | 08.24.2022

The Herbalist: Curaleaf Believes Cannabis Isn’t “One Size Fits All”

Curaleaf curates experiences for consumers of all walks of life.

When it comes to cannabis powerhouses, Curaleaf is a big player.

In the United States, the company has over 114 dispensaries across its 23 operating states. Along with:

  • 25 cultivation sites
  • 5,200 team members

The large-scale operation has put Curaleaf on top. The company reported that in 2022, its current revenue (TTM) is $1.26 billion.

Numbers like these are nothing new for Curaleaf, and you’ve probably heard about its hold on the modern industry and its constant expansions.

But how exactly is Curaleaf transforming the industry? What sets it apart from other staple cannabis companies? Let’s dive into what brought Curaleaf to notoriety.

"Where The Grass Is Not Just Greener, It's Better"

Photo courtesy of Curaleaf

Curaleaf has been curating one-of-a-kind experiences for consumers over the last decade. The company firmly believes that cannabis isn’t a one size fits all situation.

We have recreational consumers who may want a flower strain to ease their day, or medical patients looking for a tincture to combat inflammation.

That’s where Curaleaf’s passionate team comes in. Whether you’re familiar with recreational consumption, you’re a medical patient, or simply canna-curious, Curaleaf wants to be your matchmaker.

In fact, the company says matching is its “forte.” It strives to pair a consumer’s desired experience with the highest quality products to further an individual’s relationship with the ancient plant that’s done medical and spiritual wonders for centuries.

Instead of focussing on the plant itself, all Curaleaf dispensaries and budtenders focus on the consumer’s relationship with cannabis.

It invites seasoned, beginners, and curious consumers alike to set up a private consultation to better understand how they can make the most of our favorite plant.

Curaleaf takes immense pride in working with the consumer on their carefully curated order. It aims for experiences that are “uncomplicated, approachable, and as unique as you are,” reads its website.

Cultivation, Community, & Care

Photo courtesy of Curaleaf

Over the last decade of creating unique experiences for different consumers, Curaleaf has mastered the art of growing the cleanest and purest cannabis within its many cultivation sites.

Although the company grows impressively clean plants, it also understands that not all consumers desire flower. For that reason, Curaleaf also offers craft quality lab-tested products in a variety of formats.

It does so out of genuine care for the community and its experiences with cannabis. But Curaleaf doesn’t just support its communities through curating unique experiences, but through:

  • Blood drives
  • Cancer fundraisers
  • Meals for the homeless
  • Municipality donations

Curaleaf cares just as much about its cannabis as the people using its products.

While building unique relationships with neighboring organizations and consumers, the company has remained true to its mission to normalize cannabis and curate individual experiences for consumers of all walks of life.

For more information about Curaleaf, visit its website at

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