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The Herbalist: Inside Tyson Ranch, The Disney Land Of Weed

Every stoner's dream.

You probably know Mike Tyson for being one of the world’s best heavyweight boxers.

Turns out, he’s also one of the world’s most powerful cannabis advocates. The 55-year-old boxer is no stranger to expressing his love for cannabis and how it’s made him a changed man.

If he’s not smoking at least once a day, Iron Mike may turn into Irritable Mike, something we can all relate to.

Perhaps there’s no better way to unwind and relieve stress than puffing on some premium weed while wandering Tyson Ranch, his 420-acre cannabis farm and resort.

About Tyson Ranch

Photo courtesy of Mike Tyson

The ranch is actually 418 acres; Tyson Ranch CEO Robert Hickman says rounding up to 420 “makes it fun.” It’s located in California City in the vast Mojave Desert. 

There’s plenty of room for cannabis cultivation, precisely 20 acres. The rest of the resort features impressive amenities;

  • An edibles factory
  • An amphitheater
  • Spots for “glamping”
  • A hotel
  • Spas
  • Lodges
  • The world’s longest lazy river – used to float around the resort

Who doesn’t want to get from point A to point B on a lazy river? 

The Mission

Photo courtesy of Mike Tyson

Creating a vast cannabis resort is one thing, but one that proudly supports the medicinal value of marijuana is a whole other aspect. 

One of the boxer’s companies, Tyson Holistic, runs the Tyson Ranch. It has a few priorities in mind;

  • Help treat PTSD, addiction, and other mental illnesses in those who’ve served in the armed forces 
  • Help promote the medicinal value of cannabis to ward off opioid addiction
  • Invest in research on how cannabis can aid veterans coming home from deployment

The ranch also has other amenities for people looking to get into the weed-growing business. 

Tyson says cannabis is the “miracle drug of the future,” and he’s experienced those miraculous benefits firsthand. 

A few years back, he went under the knife and cited that using weed would “calm [his] nerves, and it would take the pain away.”

In contrast, “they had me on those opiates, and those opiates had me all screwed up,” he explains.

The legendary boxer will stop at nothing until he successfully spreads the word of marijuana’s healing powers, therapeutic benefits, and ability to combat drug addiction. 

With Tyson Holistic, Tyson Ranch, and more recently, Tyson 2.0 (his cannabis company), we’re confident that he’s moving mountains regarding how the world views cannabis. 

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