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The Herbalist: Jeeter Is The #1 Pre-Roll Brand In The United States

From EDM festivals to the cannabis industry, here's how Jeeter became America's #1 cannabis brand.

You’ve likely smoked a Jeeter pre-roll before.

The brand is a staple in the cannabis culture and community in the United States. More specifically, in California, where it reigns supreme with over two million Jeeter pre-rolls smoked each month.

For a brand with such a colossal number of pre-rolls and products picked up by consumers, it makes you wonder how a brand could achieve such success in this competitive industry.

When it comes to the #1 cannabis brand in the United States, Jeeter, it’s about lifestyle, experiences, culture, and so much more.

About Jeeter

Jeeter was founded by seven entrepreneurs, Sebastian Solano (Co-CEO), Lukasz Tracz (Co-CEO), Scot Garrambone (CFO), Petar Dimitrov (Chief Product Officer), David Solano (Chief Sales Officer), and Patryk Tracz (VP of Marketing).

Together, they founded a handful of legendary electronic music festivals worldwide, including:

  • Life In Color
  • Electric Zoo
  • Tomorrowland

Due to its history with entertainment and music culture, Jeeter‘s core is its culture of passion, love, and innovation. It promises to form relationships with consumers and value them with each initiative, be it a new product launch or an update to its facilities.

Impressively, Jeeter has 120 years of combined experience building brands. And that’s something the company takes very seriously. Jeeter has become the current reflection of the past, present, and future pop culture.

Trendsetters, if you will, Jeeter uses its knowledge and passion of the culture merged with the finest cannabis operators, partners, and professions to provide the legal cannabis space with:

  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Growth

A Brand With Meaning

As mentioned, one of the most important elements to Jeeter is branding.

The team knew they didn’t want to enter the cannabis space, build a cultivation site, and start selling weed. They wanted to do it the Jeeter way.

That means creating a brand that means something to people, something they can relate to and rely on for consistently fun and desirable experiences. It connects directly with consumers and listens to their wants and needs, as reflected in its popular product selection.

The group of best friends at Jeeter have brought that mission to life. Now, the company is:

  • The #1 pre-roll brand in America
  • #1 infused brand in California
  • The fastest growing cannabis company in California

If that’s not impressive, smoke a Jeeter and experience it yourself. For more information about Jeeter, visit

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