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The Herbalist: Palms Premium, The Elevated Pre-Roll Brand Carrying Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” Pre-Rolls

Justin Bieber might get his Peaches out in Georgia, but you can get yours from Palms Premium.

When you want to elevate your pre-roll game, Palms Premium is your place to go.

The brand’s goal is to elevate the stereotypical “stoner” experience through sophisticated and thoughtful products, as noted on its website.

But perhaps the main attention-grabbing part of its website is the vibrant display of its Peaches Pre-Rolls, a collaboration with Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber.

Besides partnering with Canada’s favorite pop star, Palms Premium strives to help all consumers achieve the experience they desire.

Occasional users might appreciate the consistent and convenient nature of Palms’ pre-rolls, while seasoned users will gaze at the detail and rave about the high-quality flower.

Simply Put, Palms Premium strives to let everyone access the best in cannabis.

The Palms Promise

Photo courtesy of Palms Premium

Palms never fails to create an experience for all consumers; it promises you’ll find something to enjoy based on the four main product categories below.

  • Chill: An Indica-dominant hybrid strain that produces relaxing mental and bodily effects without falling asleep.
  • Social: A unique Sativa blend that offers an uplifting, social, and upbeat high that’s perfect for chatting it up.
  • Active: When you want to seize the day and head on your next adventure, Palms’ Active products offer that energetic and focused high you’re looking for.
  • Heal: Not everyone wants high THC weed. Palms’ Heal products are rich in CBD, providing a soothing high with the therapeutic benefits of CBD, perfect for recovering from a workout or relaxing after a long day.

Palms Premium x Justin Bieber

In October of last year, the Biebs teamed up with Palms Premium to drop the renowned Peaches Pre-Rolls, inspired by his hit single, “Peaches.”

Bieber explained how he wanted to collaborate with Palms because he appreciates “what they are doing by making cannabis approachable and helping to destigmatize it–especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health.”

The “Peaches” singer explained, “I wanted to make sure that I was doing something with them that felt genuine, and Peaches felt like a good place to start.”

To bring that peaches taste and feel to life, Palms Premium’s Peaches Pre-Rolls contain fruit and citrus-derived terpenes and premium indoor-grown flower.

It comes with seven joints and your own Bic lighter with the Peaches logo. All Palms x Justin Bieber Peaches Pre-Rolls are currently available in select dispensaries throughout California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Florida.

For more information about Palms Premium and its collaboration with Justin Bieber, visit its website at

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