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Guides | 09.07.2022

The Herbalist: Plant-Based Liquid Bliss At CANN

CANN wants to help you part ways with hangovers with their sweet social tonics.

Many of us consume alcohol to experience that sweet liquid courage. But what can start as an innocent couple of drinks can quickly lead to a few drinks too many.

We all have different tolerances, but we’ve all experienced the negative side effects of alcohol too, like the dreaded hangover. If only there were a beverage that could provide that chilled-out liquid courage but doesn’t cause a hangover the next day.

The founders at CANN realized the dramatic shift in alcohol and cannabis consumers in recent years. They’ve watched as people switch to healthier alternatives and become more mindful of what they consume for the sake of their health and wellbeing.

What started in 2018 has quickly become California’s favorite cannabis beverage brand. Better yet, a brand that cares about building relationships with consumers based on the purest ingredients, award-winning flavors, and plant-based bliss.

The Producer Of California's Favorite Cannabis Beverages

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CANN has taken up over 25% of THC beverage sales in California.

Although the brand’s price points may be a bit higher than your typical weed drinks, CANN swears only to use the purest and best ingredients rather than selling a whack of medium-quality beverages for half the price.

CANN is for the health-conscious consumer, those who want to stay social but fear the next day will be bed-ridden. The brand is especially centered around those who prefer cannabis over alcohol but still want to feel included in a “drinking” setting.

Even if you prefer alcohol but want to moderate or reduce your consumption, CANN has a beverage for you.

All CANN beverages are;

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Low-Calorie

For the many reasons above, CANN is endorsed by the following familiar names;

  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Adam DeVine
  • Tove Lo
  • Darren Criss
  • Casey Neistat
  • Ruby Rose
  • Baron Davis

A Safe Social Buzz

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Co-founder of CANN, Jake Bullock, believes that drinking alcohol “is one of the worst things we do to our bodies.”

However, he also acknowledges that we’re not going to stop cracking open a cold beverage over a social gathering because of the risks.

That’s where CANN’s microdosed beverages and social tonics come in. They still provide that sweet and uplifting social buzz, but without the risks, the hangovers, or unhealthy ingredients.

Each CANN beverage is created in small batches with the cleanest hand-selected ingredients. You can trust that all beverages steer clear of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and substitutes. Just plant-based bliss in a bottle, err, CANN.

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