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The Herbalist: Pure Beauty’s Commitment To Social & Environmental Responsibility

Meet California's most sustainable cannabis brand and its impressive farming practices.

Your favorite cannabis brand might grow potent weed, but is the company environmentally friendly? 

What about sustainable cannabis brands, is their weed reliable? One Californian company is surpassing consumers’ expectations through committed sustainable practices and wildly potent flower. 

When you think of a progressive, socially and environmentally responsible cannabis brand, think Pure Beauty. The brand was launched in 2017 by Imelda Walavalkar, Tracy Anderson, and Irwin Tobias Matutina. 

Fast forward to today, Pure Beauty has become the intersection of eco-friendly practices, top-shelf cannabis products, culture, art, and social justice. 

Photo by Pure Beauty

About Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty knows its way around killer branding. 

I could mindlessly scroll through its visually-pleasing website for hours; it’s like the ultimate Tumblr page for cannabis. 

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, you can trust that Pure Beauty will only grow the purest weed surrounded by natural critters to maintain the essence of traditional cultivation. 

Part of the reason why the brand has become such a popular powerhouse is its organic and sustainable farming practices. 

The result of their dedicated, tedious cultivation efforts is a line of kickass, potent strains that feel like you’re smoking designer weed. Plus, it mainly uses paper for its packaging and avoids plastics at all costs. 


The female and minority-owned company strives to use mother nature’s natural gifts to create the best quality flower and products on the market. 


It’s an incredibly diverse and welcoming brand that puts social justice and equity at the forefront of its branding initiatives.

Photo by Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty's Impressive Cultivation Practices

As we mentioned, the cultivators at Pure Beauty understand the benefits natural insects and fungi have on cannabis plants. 

Besides keeping things natural in its indoor facility, they ensure that all plants are exposed to good energy. Did you know that talking and expressing love for any plants can make them grow faster? 

We’re not sure if the cultivators at Pure Beauty have conversations with their plants, but surrounding them with positive energy has done the job so far. 

In terms of its soil, Pure Beauty uses what’s called a “soil food web.” This means it uses the utmost natural soil blend that comprises living organisms like worms, protozoa, bacteria, and fungi. 

These beneficial organisms have been proven to lessen the risk of diseases and provide plants with essential nutrients. And when it’s all said and done, the company donates its leftover soil to communities at public parks. 

Pure Beauty never uses water from the California tap. Instead, it uses water that’s collected from moisture and humidity in the air. 

If that’s not quite the impressive and exceptional cultivation process, I don’t know what is. The brand’s positive efforts for sustainable farming practices show up in its rich, strong, and pungent flower. 

Pure Beauty carries a variety of strains, pre-rolls, cannabis “cigarettes,” and California’s first live resin beverages. It even has a “Drugstore” section that redirects you to a page full of merchandise like 

  • Apparel
  • Stickers
  • Ashtrays
  • Vinyl records
  • Even tinned fish sourced from Spain that’s been aging in olive oil for two years

To shop or learn more about California’s most sustainable cannabis brand, visit its website at and its “Drugstore” at

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