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Guides | 02.26.2023

Top 10 Cannabis Podcasts To Listen To

Cannabis podcast to learn, laugh, discover and explore the wide world of weed.

Nowadays you may learn about cannabis issues through different means, it is a controversial topic that continues to attract attention everywhere.

You can learn about cannabis through news, social media, newsletters, and many other ways.

One good thing about recent times is the possibility of listening to people who are experts in different topics talk about them in a free way, as is the case of cannabis podcasts.

Benefits Of Cannabis Podcasts

Cannabis podcasts are a recent form of communication, in which it is possible to obtain valuable information of different kinds about the precious herb.

From expert opinions to entertainment, industry insiders, fun facts and growing tips, and much more can be found in cannabis podcasts.

Here are some of our favorite cannabis-focused podcasts.

From Pot To Popular

Photo courtesy of From Pot to Popular

A fresh and interesting podcast, which introduces us to a vision of the participation of different actors in the world of cannabis and teaches us how this complicated industry works a little, all from the inside.

Rosie Mattio is the creator of this podcast where she invites entrepreneurs, executives, and journalists to tell their story, their way in cannabis, and why not, some advice for success in this industry.

A refreshing overview of cannabis.

Lit Up Founders

Photo courtesy of Lit Up Founders

A fun podcast with a friendly and fresh tone. If you want to know more about the icons that have shaped this industry, this is the podcast for you

Lit Up Founders is hosted by Brian Weber, the show overall is entertaining and fun. Each episode is an interview with a different cannabis industry personality, usually a founder of a prominent cannabis brand, and they tell the story of what it’s been like to navigate the industry.

In this podcast, you will learn about cannabis branding, industry insider issues, cannabis investing, cannabis products, social equity, and much more.


Photo courtesy of CannaInsider

If you want to know all the ins and outs of the industry, CannaInsider is the podcast to listen to. It’s basically an endless source of cannabis knowledge. Industry news? You got it, changes in the industry? You got it, Cannabis information? You guessed it, you got it.

Cannainsider is where you can find out what the industry’s leading experts have to say about the latest trends and technologies that are making a mark in the cannabis world.

A podcast you can’t miss to stay up to date with weed.

Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast

Photo courtesy of Dude Grows Show

If growing cannabis is your thing, Dude Grows Show is an infinite help on the subject. Everything you need to know about growing marijuana indoors and outdoors is in this podcast.

They also provide information about news, cannabis culture, and wide knowledge about growing.

Different Leaf: The Podcast

Photo courtesy of Different Leaf

This podcast is focused on the ever-changing cannabis landscape. It is hosted by Brit Smith, and in his episodes, he offers a roadmap to an evolving landscape for both new and experienced cannabis users.

You will find different topics that will open your mind to new perspectives on cannabis. Through the guests, it is possible to learn about the full spectrum of cannabis health and wellness, cultivation, cannabis policy, changes in legislation, and cannabis culture.

Shaping Fire

Photo courtesy of Shapping Fire

Shaping Fire is a monthly podcast discussing the business of cannabis while advocating responsible cultivation and medical use for patients, has a whole range of topics on the subject: cannabis.

This podcast is aimed at cannabis enthusiasts who want to delve deeper into the cannabis business and its complex nuances. You can find topics such as cannabis policies in the US, cannabis advertising on social media, cannabinoids and terpenes, topical products, and treating brain injuries with cannabis. Quite a variety of topics and a lot to learn!

Weedsday Wednesday

Photo courtesy of Weedsday Wednesday

Weedsday Wednesday is one of the most recognized and well-received cannabis podcasts.

This podcast hosts many experts and dispensary owners to talk about the recreational use of marijuana, and you do learn by listening to the episodes!

Their guests are people with research and medical authority, who speak their testimonies and scientific findings about the cannabis industry, its uses, and benefits.

On Weedsday Wednesday you will find breaking news, interviews with cannabis experts, reviews of cannabis cultivars, reviews of various products, and in-depth information on the efficacy and practices of medical cannabis use.

The Cannabis Science Podcast

Photo courtesy of Cannabis Science Podcast

If you’re curious about the science behind things, The Cannabis Science Podcast will be your new favorite show.

This podcast is for beginners and experienced consumers alike, where you can listen to the latest scientific and medical research in the cannabis industry. An in-depth and fascinating look at the science of cannabis from an expert’s perspective.

The Cannabis Science Podcast addresses important questions about cannabis products with a strong emphasis on scientific data from industry experts and academics.

High Friends

Photo courtesy of High Friends

High Friends is a CBD podcast that addresses many topics related to women in the cannabis industry.

In the cannabis sector, many powerful women are taking over the cannabis scene with amazing brands and projects. This podcast is an approach to this cannabis world surrounded by empowered women.

In High Friends, you will find powerful women in the industry, their stories, legal issues, marketing, and good advice on how to endure in the cannabis world.

Blunt Business

Photo courtesy of Blunt Business

A lighthearted, sincere, and suitable podcast for the cannabis consumer who is overwhelmed with the amount of information that is out there about cannabis.

In its episodes, you will find a wide repertoire of information about the cannabis industry. All with something to teach you about the world of weed. From horticulturists, directors, artists, and industry leaders, you will always discover something new in each episode.

One of the most challenging aspects of this industry is navigating the ever-changing rules and regulations, here you will find a light on the cannabis path.

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