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The Top 20 Video Games For Stoners In 2023

There are games and strains for every occasion, and with a good combination, you can have hours of entertainment.

There is a beautiful connection between weed and video games.

You can find a game suited for every mood, and with so many options available, it is impossible not to find at least one that will get you through the night.

This list can help you find a game that you can enjoy while smoking some weed. Make yourself at ease and give at least one of these 20 amazing games a try; you will not be disappointed.


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This puzzle game takes perspective to another level. Released in 2019 by Pillow Castle Games, Superliminal shows us the story of a patient at a sleep institute. A routine visit for routine treatment results in an error. The game uses optical illusions and perspective to create levels. In these levels, the player needs to stand at certain angles to continue through the map.

If you decide to play this game and smoke, be ready for hours of confusion and alternations from reality. The game is perfect for a trippy strain that will have you questioning your existence while you figure out how to play the game. It stands on a very thin border between entertaining and frustrating, but is worth giving a chance.


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Platform games are always a safe choice. They provide hours of entertainment with such a simple concept. Limbo takes that simplicity and turns it into a masterpiece experience, it’s a monochromatic 2D game that tells us the story of a little boy who tries to look for his missing sister.

In this game, there isn’t much place for tension. It is the best option for a cozy evening at home, accompanied by some Mango Durban. This strain is excellent for gaming because it has some calming and uplifting effects. Enough to allow you to enjoy some time playing video games and eating fast food, but not so much that you fall asleep.

Lego Franchise

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Lego video games take your favorite toy brand to another level. Being able to play with your favorite characters and enjoy some hilarious features is always fun. Whatever game you choose, Lego will provide hours of enjoyable entertainment.

The fact that these games give life to a lot of movies, comics, and TV shows allow players to connect more with them. Controlling any character and following the story is not the same as watching some actors follow a script. Now imagine playing while being high—a perfect combo that you are going to enjoy at any point in your life.


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Minecraft is one of those games that does not need an introduction. Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time for a reason. It’s a game where the player can do whatever they want. There are supposed to be boundaries, but every time different players prove otherwise.

The game can be as stressful or relaxing as you want; it can be played at any rhythm. Light yourself a good joint and enjoy some mining, farming, killing enemies, or just walking around admiring the amazing landscapes.

Portal 2

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We have a lot of strange, complicated thoughts when we’re high. Go get yourself a joint and settle in if you’ve ever wondered how portals operate. Some hours of a “thinking outside the box” puzzle video game are essential.

One of the greatest puzzle video games ever made is Portal 2. The game mainly requires you to build portals in order to navigate the area, but it has an engaging narrative. You’ll laugh, struggle, and think anew as a result of it. It’s unlikely that you will remember anything from a game, which can be played as many times as necessary.

The Stanley Parable

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The Stanley Parable isn’t what you’d expect from a video game; it’s more like an interactive film. Your name is Stanley, and you are in some kind of office building. There is a narrator guiding you through everything; it is up to you to choose whether to follow the voice or go your own way.

Sometimes you’re not in the mood for a movie, but you’re also not in the mood for a random video game. The Stanley parable stands right in the middle. a movie where you make the decisions. The game can get a little weird or intense at some point. Just try not to trip too much.

Maybe try some Critical Mass; this strain will be a perfect fit for this game. Not too euphoric because the game is kind of slow, but not too relaxing either, so you just stand there in automatic mode.


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Just like Minecraft, this game does not need a presentation. GTA V has been a very important part of our lives. If you have never played it while smoking some weed, you have found yourself a totally new hobby.

GTA V is not just another open-world game. This game has life, and you can enjoy every inch of its map. Being high and playing this game can make climbing Mount Chiliad on a bicycle a fun experience. Prepare yourself for hours of weird interactions throughout Los Santos.

Stardew Valley

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Farming has never been so fun. Stardew Valley is a straightforward game with a lot to offer. Everything revolves around taking care of your farm but can be taken to all different levels. At the end of the day, it’s nothing like a normal farming life as you’ll encounter magic, dangerous enemies, and form relationships.

The game can be very dangerous, and it is difficult to keep track of time. It’s even more dangerous if you are high, but with high risks come high rewards. With this game and some weed, every stress you have from your real life is going to disappear. Don’t worry about finishing the game soon; there are over 50 hours of gameplay in Pelican Town.

No Man's Sky

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If you ever had the dream of going out into space, this is for you. Playing No Man’s Sky with a big Super Silver Haze blunt is the closest you can get to space while doing nothing. It was hardly criticized during its launch, but this game has evolved. Now is the time to give it a chance.

In this game, the whole universe is your map. You can visit all kinds of planets, harvest fruits from all galaxies, and interact with hundreds of different species. The real objective of the game is to get to the center of the universe and find its secret. But in the end, you are going to get distracted with so many things that it seems kind of useless to just follow one objective.

Overwatch 2

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The first FPS on the list has to be Overwatch 2. Overwatch’s golden years have passed, and many of us enjoyed the first game like no other FPS out there. With Overwatch 2, many memories have returned, and this 2023, it can be the first competitive game you focus on.

First-person shooters are usually tense; you need a lot of silence and precise movements. In Overwatch 2, a lot of those stressful factors are not taken into consideration. A little more chaotic than usual, but perfect for those who don’t want too much intensity but still want some competition. Overwatch 2 is recommended, buts it’s best to play high; all the colors and skills are a feast for the eye.

Beat Saber

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Rhythmic games are not for everyone. If you do enjoy them, give Beat Saber a chance. You can smoke some weed before showing off your moves. The game can be as challenging as you want; try to find a sweet spot between difficulty and fun. In the game, you basically follow your favorite songs with sword choreography.

I recommend Jack Herer if you want to smoke while playing Beat Saber. It’s a high-energy strain that will not only keep you hyper-focused on the game but will also provide you with the energy you need for an intense workout session.


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Run-and-gun games can get pretty intense, and Cuphead is no exception. Its design employs a rubber hose style to tell the story of two brothers attempting to repay a debt owed to the devil.

The game has incredible visuals; every detail is there on purpose, even the music. A difficult game combined with some Afghan Kush will provide you with hours of frustrating attempts, but a lot of fun. This strain has some high-focus effects, perfect for such a precise game.


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Survival games are perfect for gaming nights. What’s better than hours of entertainment with just some food, some weed, and a good survival game.

Raft is a very calm game that revolves around building and upgrading a little raft. It has a very extensive storyline, but the essence of the game is to survive.

The game is slow and without much action: perfect for a rainy night with nothing to do. Some Northern Lights will put you in the perfect spot for enjoying such a peaceful existence.

Jack Box

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There is always some space for a party video game. If you are ever with your friends in a boring situation, there is nothing better than passing a blunt around and joining a Jack Box game. There are nine different collections with five games each. Among all the games, you can find some trivia, rapping, word games, and more.

For games like this, you need to be in the right mood. Some Blue Dream will get you there. This is a very active strain with very talkative effects that will help you flow through the game. The game can be very chaotic, but laughter and fun are guaranteed.

Fall Guys

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Fall Guys can be quite an intense game. This platform battle royale is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride with a lot of fun and laughs, but also anger and frustration. Every match is different, and I recommend you find yourself three more friends and get ready for some fun.

If you are looking for a relaxing night, this is not your game. It is better to accompany it with some active strains that can get you hyped and energetic. Chocolope is the perfect example of that. It will help you through the stress of playing the game while enjoying the challenge.

Papers Please

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If I tell you that you can be a customs agent in a communist country, it may sound a little boring. However, Papers Please takes that premise and turns it into hours of entertaining interactions while accepting or denying entry to your country. Following instructions each day, you have to deal with all kinds of people who are trying to cross the border.

In this game, the details are key. I recommend you activate some hyperfocus with a little bit of Sour Diesel. With this strain, you are going to spot all the inconsistencies and become the best customs agent in all of Arstotzka.

Hotline Miami

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Not every gaming night needs to be relaxing. Sometimes a little bit of chaos is good. Hotline Miami is one of those intense games where you die a lot, but your pride does not let you turn off the game.

Hotline Miami is a challenging game that will test your skills. The objective is simple: in each level, you need to kill all the enemies in order to continue.

The game is full of enticing details, the music is amazing, and the story is quite interesting. The real objective is not to finish the game fast, but to challenge yourself to get higher scores every time.

Vampire Survivor

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There is always an addictive game that just does not make any sense. A game that only uses four keys to play can give you hours and hours of the same and still be incredibly fun and addictive. Vampire Survivor is a survival-roguelike game hybrid. The only objective is not to die.

It can be dangerous to play this while high; you can get stuck in the game for hours without noticing. If you are willing to take the risk, I recommend some Cosmic Bomb Auto. A very trippy strain that, in combination with this game, is going to take you to another planet while surviving a lot of different monsters


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Enough with intense games; it is time to relax a bit and work on your OCD. Light it up and get ready for some organization.

Unpacking is a simple game that requires you to unpack some boxes and organize everything into rooms. This game requires close attention and has a lot of details; don’t get too distracted. Maybe try some Pineapple Express to keep you focused and enjoy the beauty of it.

The game is just beautiful. It has very accurate music, a lot of details, and the pixelated aesthetic is just on point. Unpacking is not too long; you can finish in one night, but give yourself time; there is no need to rush with this game.

Gang Beasts

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Beating friends in video games is always fun, and it can be even better with some Hawaiian Diesel for a social boost and euphoric feelings. Gang Beasts is a party game in which gelatinous, floppy characters fight to the death to determine the winner. The game is simple, but the physics of the characters are going to make you laugh really hard.

Party games are always a safe choice. With the right friends, this game can be played all the time you want. Different maps, obstacles, and interactions are going to make every match different.

Bonus: FIFA

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FIFA is not for everyone. First, you need to like soccer. Second, you need to have a lot of mental stability to go through some online matches. If you meet these conditions, get yourself comfortable for a stressful night with tons of ups and downs. This game can get frustrating, but that’s its beauty.

The secret is to play while high; the difference is amazing. Flowing with the game just hits differently; there are so many details that are difficult to catch while sober. If you want to play single player, there is no reason to suffer; just set the difficulty to an easy level and enjoy playing with your favorite team.

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