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How To Virtual Sesh With Your Bestie

With countries and states going on full-lockdown, and the holidays just around the corner, the urge to smoke weed is probably at its highest. The issue is that we don’t really have a choice now and setting up a sesh with friends might not be an option...Or is it?

There must be a list of the favorite things you like to do when smoking alone, we all have one. Likewise, there is probably a similar list of things you like to do when smoking with friends.

The Issue:

There’s only a certain amount of solo smoking you can do before it turns into a habit that blends into the background of your life if you’re not mixing it up a little bit. With the pandemic booming (unfortunately) solo sessions might be at their peak and you might be running out of ideas. We assume because it’s definitely something that’s happened to us.

With countries and states going on full-lockdown, and the holidays just around the corner, the urge to smoke weed is probably at its highest. The issue is that we don’t really have a choice now and setting up a sesh with friends might not be an option.

Or is it?

7 Tips for a Solid Virtual Sesh:

We know that virtual sessions don’t sound as fun as a face-to-face encounter where we can all laugh about that one friend who falls asleep on the couch. But there are many ways to make them fun.

Download a Meeting or Group App

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If you’re working from home, had a long-distance relationship, or frankly, live in the twenty-first century, chances are you already have a group app. In fact, you most likely already have a favorite one. The options are endless; Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Discord, Houseparty, and Whatsapp are all valid options. The one you currently use the most will also probably define which one is downloaded already among most of your friends, making the choice a lot easier.

Set Up a Regular Schedule

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We’re just going to go ahead and assume that your friends are just as unpunctual as ours. Not that it’s a bad thing… but it’s definitely not a fun thing. So, it’s up to you to be the timekeeper

We all have s**t to do, someplace to go to, someone to call, and even if we deeply enjoy a smoking sesh with our friends, it’s probably not the most important thing on our daily schedule. So it can become annoying sitting in an empty virtual lobby waiting for everyone to stumble into the session. The tip is to set up a time that’s convenient for everyone and one that everyone feels they can meet punctually. Probably nighttime works best for most people, but a 4:20 pm session doesn’t sound bad, does it? 

Make It About Something Specific

Now that you’re not able to just chill like before and laugh about whatever is going around in the living room. Perhaps the smartest thing to do is to make your smoking sessions about something specific. 

On a personal note, I decided to start a podcast with a friend. Not that I’ll make much money off of it, but I definitely enjoy the time chatting with him and engaging in very interesting conversations. The ‘podcast’ just gives us the excuse we need to meet up, and when the joints start popping up the conversation gets even more interesting.


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You don’t have to start a podcast. But make your sessions about something specific. Discussing a book, a series you’re all watching together, or perhaps just talk about weed and make it a fun time to try new strains you can discuss while you’re at it.

Avoid Heavy Conversations: No Politics, Religion, or COVID

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Nobody wants to stumble into a weed smoking session and leave the conversation feeling angry and stressed. On the contrary, weed sessions are meant to help you relax and unwind, basically, they’re probably the best way to forget about or cope with stressful times. Smoking sessions are not a time to discuss life-changing controversial topics that probably have everyone on edge as it is.

Keep it light. Enjoy. Throw out some jokes if you got any and forget about the things that are already making your life difficult, instead of running laps around them.

Download Teleparty: Watch a Movie Together

If the singular goal of this enterprise is to get really high with friends, then make the whole thing about getting high. Bring out the stoner classics from under the bed and do a stoner movie marathon. Some of the movies that pop into our head are:

The only issue is how to watch it at the same time without having to resort to a countdown. Netflix Teleparty is a new way to watch TV together with people that are not there with you. It includes other services like HBO, Hulu, and Disney as well.

Play Videogames

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We’ve left this one last, not because it shouldn’t be the first on the list when it comes to being fun. But because you’re probably doing it already and don’t need us to teach you how to do something you’re basically a pro at.

Videogames are a good motivator and will help you get everyone on the same page. Although a bit sad, the reality is that just hanging out with friends is not a strong motivator for a lot of people. Video games help make people feel excited about something. I guess that what we’re trying to say is; use video games as a way to drive otherwise detached friends.

Send Your Friends Some Goodies

Making your virtual smoking sessions about something specific helps to keep them interesting. A way to do that is to make sure everyone is stocked with the proper goods they need to have a pleasant sesh.

Sour G CBG Flower

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There’s also room for the non-tokers in every smoking session. When things were not virtual, you would just hang out with everyone in the same living room, regardless of whether they were ‘getting high’ or not. It shouldn’t change now that we’re forced to host sessions virtually. That’s where CBD and CBG flower comes in. Sour G by Herb is a non-intoxicating CBG limited edition flower with less than 0.3% THC content.

A Proper Pipe

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Well-made pipes are in short supply nowadays. Genius Pipe makes an incredibly fashionable and discreet pipe that provides an incredibly cool and thick smoke, regardless of the design’s compact size.

A Refreshing Weed Beverage

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I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve felt like a smoking session but restrained from it because I didn’t want to smoke. I guess regardless of the practice the smoke still makes me feel an unpleasant sensation in my throat. So switch things up with this Campari-like THC-infused aperitif from Artet. We live in an exciting time where we don’t have to smoke in order to get high.

The Best Grinder Out There

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Want to really surprise your bestie? Send them the KLIP grinder. Not only will it leave them mindblown with its beautiful design and ease of use, but they’ll also love you even more once you tell them it makes your weed stronger. With a patent-pending system that slices through your flower, the KLIP preserves the integrity of your bud, keeping all its trichomes and making for the more potent highs.

An All-In-One Vaporizer

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Vaping is possibly the first alternative to smoking that comes to mind in today’s modern world. Products like Funky Farms’ Reserve Pineapple Express CRD Vape Pen provide a natural experience that can be used once and conveniently disposed of.

Some Tasty Edibles

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There’s nothing like a sweet treat at the end of a hectic day that gives it a sugary twist right before bedtime. Products like PLUS Sugar Plum Limited Edition Gummies and Defonce Chocolatier’s Vanilla White Chocolate are edibles made to fit those moments like a ring on a finger.

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