Which Pre-Roll Are You?

Finding a pre-roll that's perfect for you is hard. Here are four premium pre-rolls designed to match any lifestyle, mood, or activity. Created with Good News.
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Have you ever tried to purchase a pre-roll and realized that you don’t really know what you’re getting into? Or what the strain your buying will actually feel like?

Pre-rolls are meant to spare you from ‘losing face’ if you can’t roll, to give you a way to try new strains before committing to a full eighth of flower, and to provide you with a simple option that lets you know exactly what strain you need for your current frame of mind.

That’s where brands like Good News come in. Good News has launched an incredibly diverse pre-roll lineup that is sure to match whatever mood you and your friends are in. Good News believes that no matter what the moment is, it’s better when you live it ‘together’.

Good News Shorties are pre-rolled joints that pack 0.5 g of a neatly ground flower. Each box of shorties brings 7 pre-rolls, and comes in a total of 4 social mindsets to choose from:

Me Time

Photo courtesy of Good News

Feeling the ‘me time’ vibes means that you probably want to keep things low-key and chill. Me Time Shorties are made for friends looking to relax just enough to forget or cope with the stressful situations that come with a busy day.

If you’re feeling like a warm bath, watching a binge-worthy TV show, or sinking your nose into that book you can’t seem to drop, then a Me Time Shorty is the pre-roll that describes you the best.


Photo courtesy of Good News

Brunch is an excuse to have an early lunch and have a few ‘socially accepted’ daytime drinks. But if daytime drinking is not necessarily up your alley and would rather avoid having to wake up with a hangover the next morning, Good News created Brunch Shorties.

A pre-roll made specifically for a hang with the crew where you laugh so much that people near you begin to turn their heads, where jokes that will leave you gasping for air are told, and reminiscing about funny stories is the go-to subject. If this describes how you spend your weekends with the squad, a box of Brunch Shorties will be appreciated next time around.


Photo courtesy of Good News

If you’re feeling the ‘weekend you’ wants to make an appearance on a Tuesday morning, that’s exactly what Friyay Shorties are for.

A Sativa pre-roll meant to help you find your weekend spirit any day of the week. With the right friends (and the right pre-roll), any day can be a Friyay where you cue the tunes and rally the crew. A pre-roll for a team of friends that are looking to have a good time together, regardless of whether it’s at the bar, a dinner, or a chill house party.


Photo courtesy of Good News

A Vegas night is a night where you up the ante, go all-in and bet on a wild night. Many legendary stories start with Vegas, and Good News intends to bring that experience to you by calling your ‘wild night’ bluff with a highly potent Sativa pre-roll that will keep you and your buddies going all night. 

A Vegas mood is when you feel like an excuse is all you need to party all night but the energy seems to be running a bit low. Usually, you’d have a drink or two, but a hangover simply doesn’t fit the plans anymore. If this is how you feel, then a pack of Vegas Shorties is just what the doctor ‘ordered’.

In A Nutshell

  • Me Time when you’re in the mood to be your own best friend
  • Brunch if the social instinct hits and your thumbs feel like a good tweet is in order.
  • Friyay when the atmosphere feels like a prelude to a long night.
  • Vegas if you’re feeling like going ‘all in’ to the party.

Wrapping Up

Photo courtesy of Good News

With Good News pre-rolls you can match the mood you’re into the pre-roll that will suit it best. However, Shorties are just one of Good News’ product categories, so, if smoking is not your favorite way to consume cannabis you also have the options of a gummy and disposable vape pen line-up made to fit your specific social mindset. All offerings are designed to satisfy a socially dynamic mindset so we can enjoy consuming ‘Cannabis Together’

Good News vape pens come as a 300 mg ready-to-use device; a highly discreet alternative that provides a faster onset than edibles can. Good News gummies are a deliciously chewable option consistently dosed and accurately laced with flavors that include Blue Raspberry, Orange, Watermelon, and Sparkling White Grape.

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February 10, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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February 10, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena

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