How To Roll A Fully Stuffed 1 Ounce Joint

This joint contains an entire ounce of weed in it. And this video is an instructional on how to make it. Beware, this is no regular joint!

Mar 30, 2016

This is for all those stoners out there who love nothing more than to smoke a big, fat joint. Some stoners buy ounces and try to make them last as long as possible. Other stoners buy an ounce and just want to put the whole thing in a joint. So for those stoners, this is exactly how you do that.

If ever you’ve wanted to be the person that brings a one-ounce joint to a party, you must watch this video before attempting it. You would be the star of the party without a doubt if you can manage to get everyone there stoned with just a single joint!

It’s all in the papers

Unfortunately, there’s no single paper out there that is going to be big enough to carry an ounce of weed. That means you have to assemble something to match. For this, Smoking papers that come in a roll are the best, because you can make them as long as you want. If all you have are singles, you’re going to need about 20 of them. That’s a lot of licking, and a lot of space for breakages!

You’re also going to have to make a filter that suits the size of your joint, so be careful to make one that will support an ounce of weed. It’s probably all good luck from there, what with all the licking and sticking it together. What happens with his joint at the end of this video is going to blow your mind. Check it out to find out!

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Mar 30, 2016