CannaboxCozy Cabin Snow Globe Bong

We’re getting used to nothing but extremely unique bongs from Cannabox. The Cozy Cabin Snow Globe bong sets up the stage just right for the holiday season. Wintertime is coming in hot with what would usually be the worst Christmas gift ever, turned the coolest gift of all time.

  • 4” Tall
  • Double percolator filtration
  • 14 mm male bowl

An almost-cute design that packs a punch with a 14 mm bowl that will not disappoint for those times when the session calls for a hard rip. A hard rip but not harsh rip; due to the double percolator that cools down the smoke as it flows through the piece and filters it upon release to your lungs.


Cannabox was made by people who love cannabis, for people who love cannabis. The term “subscription box” to any product you love seems to bring joy to your heart instantly. Hailed as the #1 smoking subscription box, Cannabox allows you to indulge in your cannabis lover’s heart’s desire and discover new & exclusive smoking-related products, including; bongs, hand pipes, rolling papers, and all sorts of innovative smoking accessories. Not only that, but Cannabox promises delivery to your door as discreet as can be.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto