CannaboxVintage Bus Hand Pipe

What’s a hand pipe good for if not for a road-trip. The Vintage Bus Hand Pipe by Cannabox comes finished in a green-tint glass that reminds you of another time, a simpler time. This bus is ready for the trip, just pack, light, and off you go.

  • Carb in front
  • Smooth smoking.

A small glass pipe with a more than nice-to-look-at design, optimal for on-the-go smoking sessions. If you hate rolling and don’t particularly like the harsh smoke some pipes can result in, then that’s all about to change with this piece of smoking perfection.


Cannabox was made by people who love cannabis, for people who love cannabis. The term “subscription box” to any product you love seems to bring joy to your heart instantly. Hailed as the #1 smoking subscription box, Cannabox allows you to indulge in your cannabis lover’s heart’s desire and discover new & exclusive smoking-related products, including; bongs, hand pipes, rolling papers, and all sorts of innovative smoking accessories. Not only that, but Cannabox promises delivery to your door as discreet as can be.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto