Glycerin Blunt Tip

The harshest way to smoke now enjoys the power of glycerin cooling. This pocket glycerin chamber cools smoke from almost any joint, blunt or 510 vape cartridge. A highly portable solution that’s as easy to use as it is chilly. Secure fit, versatile, and Freeze Pipe cold, bring the GBT to your next sesh to cough less and laugh more.

🌏 Universal Design: Chills Joints, Blunts, 510 Vapes

No matter the brand or size, the GBT cools it

🧊 Bigger Puffs, Less Coughing

Glycerin chilliness plays defense against unfiltered harsh smoke. Enjoy a refreshing experience with less afterburn and coughing attacks

πŸ”’ Secure fit

Conical holding end provides snug fit for joints, blunts, vapes

βœ… Easy To Use And Clean

Simple straight tube design has fantastic air-flow. The included pipe cleaning brush removes any leftover residue.

🧼 Promotes Better Hygiene & Reduces Germ Spreading

Dirty hands never touch the blunt or joint. Great for solo sessions and needed for groups

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