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Dab tools are also known as a dabber, dab wand, dab holder, concentrate tool, wax tool, dab stick, or dab pick. Offering a variety of dabbers in different sizes and shapes.

What is a Dabber or Dab Tool?

You have probably heard the term “dab tool,” whether in a smoke shop, watching online content, or from a friend…But what exactly is a dabber or dab tool? There are many different types of dabbers to choose from. When selecting a dabber, you should carefully consider how much concentration you intend to dab and what kind of nail you want to use for placing your dab. We will go over some key aspects of dab tools, what they’re made of, how to use and care for them, and what some of your options are to get the best tool for your next dab session.

You can use a dab tool to remove your concentrate from its container so that you can place it in your bong or banger. The primary purpose of a dabber is to quickly remove concentrate from a jar or container without spillage, waste, or using more product than you intended.

Different Types of Dab Tools: What’s Their Purpose?

Different Dab Tools have slightly different designs while still sharing the same primary purpose, to get your dab successfully into your banger. Some dabbers are better used for different consistencies of concentrates, amongst a few other factors. Let’s take a look at a few different types of dab tools and their practical uses.

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