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Bowser Bowl

The Ooze Bowser Bowl is a stylish, functional, and portable pipe that’s meant for cannabis lovers who like to smoke on the go. This combination between high-quality borosilicate glass and silicone means you get the same pure taste of a glass pipe, but with the shatterproof functionality of silicone. 

  • Travel pipe modelled after the Mario villain Bowser. 
  • Available in an array of different colors including blue/white, green/black, rasta, green, or purple. 
  • Glass mouthpiece and stem insert are easily removable for thorough cleaning capabilities. 

Each component of this pipe is easily assembled and disassembled for easy cleaning, and for a dual-purpose capability so you can either use the Bowser as a longer glass/silicone hybrid stem, or a shorter full silicone stem. Throw this pipe in your backpack or purse with your other things without worrying about breaking it.

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