Ooze grinder tray
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Grinder TrayOoze

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The grinder tray is a simple but ingenious combination between grinder and tray, cutting out the middleman to make your rolling process more efficient. No more dumping your ground cannabis out on the back of a book, old magazine, or other random household surfaces. With the Grinder Tray, your rolling process is cleaner and more efficient than ever. 

  • Available in a number of great colors including black, green, red, silver, and clear.
  • Easily portable device that can be carried around in a bag or purse. 
  • Premium materials for a high-quality magnetizing grinder. 

To operate the Grinder Tray, simply load up the grinder portion of the device, use it like any other grinder, and watch as your flower is collected in the triangular shaped tray. Once your flower is ground, use the funnel like tip of the tray to easily pour it into your rolling paper.



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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto