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Piece Water SolutionPiece Water

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Any cannabis user can agree that cleaning smoking glassware is extremely tedious and a hassle. Still, it is one of the essential tasks that all smokers have to do since a clean device is not only more appealing but also smells good, produces pure, clean, and tasty smoke, and is even less harmful to the lungs. Piece Water is here to put an end to dirty bongs, water pipes, and bubblers with this all-natural water substitute that has benefits such as:

  • Keeps your bong clean while smoking
  • Filters hazardous particulate matter from the smoke and prevents resin from forming
  • Reduces bad smell from the device
  • Reduces the need to clean and can be cleaned using only water

Piece Water is a blend of safe, all-natural, ingredients: mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts combine together to form a non-toxic water substitute that improves the smoking experience while cleaning the device at the same time.

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