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10 Essential Accessories Every Stoner Needs

We’ve rounded up ten that will make your stash way worth it, no matter what the occasion.

Every stoner should have a repertoire of accessories that make smoking fun, reliable, and accessible. We’ve rounded up ten that will make your stash way worth it, no matter what the occasion.

The iPhone of Vaporizers: PAX

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PAX has earned its reputation for creating top-of-the-line products for the modern, productive, and easy-going stoner. One of the best products PAX has to offer is the PAX Plus: an all-in-one, durable, reliable, and portable vaporizer. Small enough to fit in your pocket and discreet enough to be an everyday device, the PAX Plus is the perfect choice for a reliable herb vaporizer.

With improved heating technology for more even and efficient heating, the PAX Plus has an intuitive user interface and an easy-to-use app that personalizes every experience. Plus, it has a large chamber that can hold up to one-third of a gram of flower, a long-lasting battery life, and dense clouds of vapor that will have you flying high.

When you use the PAX Plus, not only will you save your lungs from the harm of smoking, but you can also get up to 15-25 hits per session, more than enough to get you through a very stoney day. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach, hiking through the forest, or simply sitting on the couch, the PAX Plus will give you an unforgettable experience every time.

Chill Steel Pipes

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If you like bongs with innovative functionality, you need to know the Chill Steel Pipes. This bong only allows you to take advantage of the materials’ properties to cool the smoke without the need for energy.

The Stainless Steel Pipe consists of a proprietary vacuum-insulated stainless steel base and a stainless steel neckpiece, making a total of 13 inches tall bong that will provide you with the smooth smoke.

This bong has a ceramic interior to distribute the heat easily and a borosilicate glass slide that resists high temperatures.

Piece Water Solution

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Piece Water Solution is a blend of minerals, vegetables, and fruit extracts that you can use instead of water when smoking with your bubbler. This solution is denser than regular water, so it traps harsh particles, providing a cleaner smoke and preventing dirt from sticking to your bong.

Resin won’t build up when using Piece Water Solution. Thus, it won’t stick to the surface and won’t make you struggle to remove it. Instead, you only need to rinse your bong with hot water when cleaning. That way, you avoid using abrasive solutions or chemicals that take their toll on your bong.

You will also notice that Piece Water Solution doesn’t smell during water changes which any user appreciates greatly.

Piece Water Solution is the new must-have for bubbler lovers, not only because it works as an extra filter and allows deeper draws, but it also makes cleaning your bong much easier and less smelly.

The Grinder&Scale

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GRAMMS figured out how to grind and scale weed in a single device. So, you can do both by using the Grinder&Scale. The name says it all. Its sharp and effective shredding teeth turn your buds into tiny pieces with little effort. At the same time, the device keeps a fixed dose of 10 mg, although it can hold up to 50 mg.

As a bonus, you can download the GRAMMS app that connects with your Grinder&Scale to keep track of your consumption. The app generates reports that are simple to read and understand.

Then you can share the reports with your physician, and it is also helpful when asking experts at dispensaries for new products that suit your needs.

This way, technology goes further to help people improve their experience using weed. And you can get it all when ordering the Grinder&Scale.

Elevate Your Celebrations With Highly Curated Candles

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Cake? Check. Party? Check. Looks like all you need now are some candles to really spark the party. If you’re looking to elevate your celebrations with an on-brand touch that reflects your passion for all things weed, check out Highly Curated Candles.

This innovative brand offers 420 Novelty Blunt and Cannabis Leaf Cake Candles, which are candle cake toppers in the shape of blunts and weed leaves. They’re available in various colors and also come in joint options. These candles were hand-poured in Los Angeles and made with soy wax, hemp wicks, and food-safe baking glitter. Each package comes with 2 Novelty Blunt Candles and 2 Green Weed Leaf Candles. Get yours now and keep your celebrations lit.

A Gravity Infuser

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A good stoner keeps on the vanguard of smoking devices.

The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser uses cascading water to oppose the airflow, and that motion creates a steady stream of smoke for the whole session. This is an extraordinarily effective way of smoking because the 360° motion keeps pushing the flavored air to you. And all by using gravity!

This is a great hookah to share safely with friends. It has contactless technology that uses gravity to force the smoke from the mouthpiece, so you can inhale without touching the device with your lips.

A Fully Automatic Grinder

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If there is a grinder you need to save time and effort is the Auto9 – Fully Automatic Grinder by Cloudious9. You can grind those stubborn buds 20 times faster than regular grinders.

In any case, no bud can resist 15 sharp diamond-shaped teeth at 180 revolutions per minute.

You can even grind clockwise or counterclockwise to get the fluffy texture that traditional grinders provide. And do it with one hand while smoking weed with the other.

The Auto9 is also wireless for you to move freely with it. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to recharge, and the battery lasts for weeks.

Plus, the cleaning is simple. The Auto9 comes with a cleaning & loading accessories kit with everything you need to keep your new grinder as new.

DabX Rocket

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The Rocket is a must-have device that can heat your concentrates pairing with any glass piece.

The Rocket increases vapor production to new limits without producing a burnt flavor. This device works with a built-in reverse airflow atomizer that preserves the flavor of your concentrates terpenes while you enjoy a generous vapor cloud.

Your favorite glass rig can turn into a smart device by pairing with the Rocket.

Remember to choose the size to fit your needs, 14 mm, 10 mm, or 18 mm male. When using, you will notice how your concentrate vaporizes in 15 seconds. Beyond that, the Rocket allows you to set custom heating profiles to increase the vapor quality.

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