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10 Essential Accessories Every Stoner Needs

We’ve rounded up ten that will make your stash way worth it, no matter what the occasion.

Every stoner should have a repertoire of accessories that make smoking fun, reliable, and accessible. We’ve rounded up ten that will make your stash way worth it, no matter what the occasion.

CBD That Actually Works

Buying CBD can be a bit of a gamble, so it’s always better to invest in tried and true products like Binoid’s CBD gummies. There’s so many benefits to using CBD, from calming down raging anxiety and protecting against neurological disease to helping with pain management and easing diabetes complications (to name just a few). 

A Reliable Vaporizer

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PAX has gained a great reputation by consistently creating products for the modern-day, productive, and easy-going stoner.

We want to highlight the PAX 3 – the all-in-one, durable, reliable, and portable vaporizer that will have your flower turn into a vapor that you can hit all day, every day. Small enough to fit in your pocket and discreet enough to be a staple in your day-to-day life, the PAX 3 is the way to go if you’re looking for a reliable herb vaporizer.

With a large chamber that can hold more than enough flower, a long-lasting battery life that won’t have you looking for a charging port every hour, and the all-in-one form that makes it perfect for an everyday device, we can’t find reasons not to love it.

Before the PAX 3, there was the PAX 2, which also had stoners all around impressed with its impeccable design and efficiency. The PAX 3 delivers everything that the PAX 2 does but doubles down on all the things that make it a great vaporizer. It still has an intuitive user interface, an easy-to-use app that personalizes every experience, a longer battery life, and the dense clouds of vapor that will have you flying high.

The combustion technology lets you make the most of your flower, conserving flavor and scent so you can pinpoint exactly what you’re smoking.

Holding about one-third of a gram of weed, you can get anywhere from 15-25 hits, which is more than enough to get you through a very stoney day. So whether you’re spending a day at the beach, embarking on a hiking adventure through the forest, gliding down sand dunes, going to a festival, or simply sitting on the couch binge-watching The Simpsons, the PAX 3 will deliver unforgettable experiences at every hit.

Vaping is a healthier option to smoking. While we love lighting up a joint, it’s also good to switch it up and look for healthier alternatives that will give you the same high without risking your lungs.

The PAX 3 has got it going on, so we love it here at Herb. For a luxurious, reliable, potent, and fun experience, we have to say: go for it.

There’s no turning back once you give the PAX 3 a chance.

The Best Tools For Your Concentrates

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It is common knowledge that you can use a spoon or fork to clean out the goop from your pipe, but for long-term maintenance, you’ll want a specialized tool. Also, cleaning a wax-covered fork can be a nightmare, so we recommend getting pokers and scoopers that can work specifically for this. And the first brand we could think of is Honeybee Herb.

Their online shop is dedicated to offering high-quality tools, from accessories to turn any glass device into a dabbing one to rigs, nails, and other instruments that make life easier.

Their quartz and titanium bangers are perfect for holding your favorite concentrate and giving your old bong or bubbler a new life. Besides being super durable, they have over five different designs you can choose from, not only to fit your bong but also depending on what kind of concentrates you prefer.

What we love is their tool kit. Since all of them are stainless steel-based, they are much easier to clean around when scooping some wax. Or, if you are trying moon rocks or resin-covered flowers, you might want a poking tool to help you move it around and prevent it from sticking and clogging your pipe.

A Healthier Smoking Alternative

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We can’t deny the fact that inhaling a lot of smoke can damage your lungs, which is why a lot of stoners are turning towards healthier alternatives like the uber-cool Hitoki Trident, which uses sci-fi level laser combustion technology to filter out some of the nasty stuff while conserving the true essence, smell, and taste of your flower.

Now has never been a better time to switch to a cleaner way of smoking, Hitoki is excited to share the Herb audience with promo code HERB15 for your next Hitoki purchase.

A Gravity Infuser

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A good stoner keeps on the vanguard of smoking devices.

The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser uses cascading water to oppose the airflow, and that motion creates a steady stream of smoke for the whole session. This is an extraordinarily effective way of smoking because the 360° motion keeps pushing the flavored air to you. And all by using gravity!

This is a great hookah to share safely with friends. It has contactless technology that uses gravity to force the smoke from the mouthpiece, so you can inhale without touching the device with your lips.

A Portable And Stylish Vaporizer

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You need a device that you can take anywhere with you. Most of the time, you have to put your pipe in a voluminous bag or simply can’t travel with your bong, but the AirVape OM is such a portable and stylish vaporizer that it even comes with a keychain, so you carry it everywhere and show it off.

The AirVape OM is a shiny metallic body with a leather finish that catches the looks of everyone when you are using it. Still, it is so discreet that no one can tell it is a vaporizer until you uncover the mouthpiece and enjoy the vapor that comes from your favorite concentrate or oil.

If you care about portability and elegance, you need to have an AirVape OM. Go check it out and fall in love with it!

A Fully Automatic Grinder

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If there is a grinder you need to save time and effort is the Auto9 – Fully Automatic Grinder by Cloudious9. You can grind those stubborn buds 20 times faster than regular grinders.

In any case, no bud can resist 15 sharp diamond-shaped teeth at 180 revolutions per minute.

You can even grind clockwise or counterclockwise to get the fluffy texture that traditional grinders provide. And do it with one hand while smoking weed with the other.

The Auto9 is also wireless for you to move freely with it. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to recharge, and the battery lasts for weeks.

Plus, the cleaning is simple. The Auto9 comes with a cleaning & loading accessories kit with everything you need to keep your new grinder as new.

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