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Libertine CBD Flowersticks

Libertine CBD Flowerstick packs come with a total of 12 units, each made with 100% hemp flower pods compatible with every Omura vaporizing device. You also have the opportunity of choosing between 4 different strains with unique specs, aromas, and flavors: Suver Haze, Sour Space Candy, Midwest Monster, and Lifter CBD. Each of them ready to open and pop onto your Omura device for a clean and hassle-free vaporizing sesh.

  • 1.5 gram packs of CBD
  • 0.125 grams per stick
  • 12 sticks per pack
  • 100% whole flower hemp rich in CBD; no trim and no shake

Libertine flower is cultivated by master growers and crafted to an almost perfect cannabinoid and terpene balance. Each  Flowerstick meets the highest safety and quality standards of 100% Full Spectrum whole flower that has been proudly grown in the USA. Omura compatible CBD packs are made from 100% whole flower hemp with a non psychoactive and almost negligible amount of THC (<0.3%).




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