ArtetCannabis Aperitif

Finally we have a THC infused aperitif! Artet is a citrusy beverage similar to Aperol or Campari, but instead of alcohol, Artet acquires its intoxicating effects from an infusion of THC Distillate. Unlike other cloyingly sweet cannabis-infused drinks, Artet embodies class and sophistication with a rich blend of botanicals.

  • Non-alcoholic 
  • THC infused Aperitif 
  • Complex botanical flavor profile

Artet is a sessionable beverage that procides 2.5mg of THC on every shot. It is perfect for drinking alone on the rocks or mixing it into your favorite cocktail.


Full Body
1 hour
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Welcome to the intersection of cannabis and cocktails! Artet’s blend of cannabis and botanicals creates a deliciously versatile aperitif that tastes as delicious on the rocks as it does in a mixed drink. Enjoy the overtones of grapefruit balanced by notes of classic flavors, like ginger and juniper, as they come together harmoniously with the subtle earthiness of cannabis.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto