Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters

CannaBitters replicate the effects of smoking flower in a beverage format, offering an immediate and scalable buzz with an effect profile that varies depending on the specific flower strain of terpenes used in the CannaBitters.

Simply add one dropper full into water or any beverage; by the time you finish your glass, you’ll start to feel the Real Strain FX™.

One full dropper of CannaBitters matches the potency of smoking one bowl of flower.  A glass of water with CannaBitters is made for consumption at the same rate as cocktails.  Or, to double up your buzz, drop CannaBitters into your favorite libation.

Thanks to the Real Strain FX™, CannaBitters offer benefits to both flower connoisseurs and edible lovers.  When smoking is impractical, CannaBitters deliver a flower fix in a beverage rip.  For non-smokers, CannaBitters finally offers a chance to explore the diverse effects of terpenes from various flower strains.

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